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Hi there!

Love the look of your add-ons, but I am curious.. as I am in need of a donation module and the one built into xenforo does not seem to be very 'friendly.'

I like yours, but I am curious about the following:

1) Can it handle multiple, re-occurring, donation options - as the built in one can? (e.g.: silver member, gold member, platinum member - each with their own assigned user group upgrade)

2) Can donations be done >without< the need to add in a daily goal or have it be a goal/drive related donation?

3) Will this put a donations tab into the main navigation to allow people to easily see they can donate, view donators, etc?

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1) There's no option for recurring donations at the moment, sorry. Also, you can only assign 1 user group upgrade per donation drive, but you can have as many drives as you want :)

2) Absolutely.

3) There's a main navigation tab, as well as sidebar blocks on the forum home.

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