Question Does deleting an event subtract the credits received by users from it?


I used a query to zero out a currency and then I deleted a bunch of old redemption events. I believe this is what put users into the negatives and even after I zeroed the column out again, people would still have negative currency after making a transaction (so I think it must have looked at the balance column in the log table or something like that). Is there a way to delete events without affects users' currency amount? Maybe if the log rows can stay in the table instead of being deleted with the event?

Fillip H.

Staff member
Sorry for missing this. Deleting an event does indeed undo the transactions. It would not be advisable to remove an event manually, since that will cause issues when attempting to display these transaction rows.

You need to leave old events in the system unless you want to undo the transactions from said events. You can deactivate them in the AdminCP, meaning they will no longer apply.

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