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Are you aware of a very nasty flaw of your DBSEO software that allows spammers to Ruin Forums by creating a membership, creating a post, saving it, then immediately editing their post to make it look like a normal thread?

To see an example, View the Source Code of this Post and check the Description & Keywords.
I apologize in advance for the keyword choice- I literally found several hundred of these in my forums this morning on relatively new posts that I thought were fine. There's no way to know what posts are affected without viewing the source code of every single new post in the forum. This is a MASSIVE flaw!!

What's more, with your current copyright policy making it against your TOS to remove the Copyright info from posts- you're making it easy for spammers to find forums to attack- a simple google search...

Also, did you know that it takes a considerable amount of time for your website to load? In order to even access it I'm forced to use an ad-blocker (otherwise it won't load at all), the flash ads lock the browser window in Chrome, FF. This does not occur for me on other sites.

In a webpage test it actually took 129 seconds to fully load: WebPagetest Test Result - Dulles : www.dra...id-you-know-19430/ - 12/12/15 14:28:40
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Hi there,

Would it be possible for you to submit this as a support ticket? Threads in the Off Topic forum are obviously not entered into our support ticket system, as this forum is not for support purposes.