Credits Add-on Suggestion - Add Buy Credits with Bitcoin


i agree with this!

i agree, i prefer as well, it would be better! it has 3 currencies, bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ether

my users dont like paypal, paypal is getting expensive and they often ban account, they are thieves and fees are getting more expensive!

bitcoin to the moon! bitcoin is king!!


siropu's add-on "ads manager" doesn't even need third party websites,

he gives us option of other websites,

you can accept bitcoin directly to your wallet, no need for 3rd party websites! now that is king!

Screenshot_2018-11-11_18-02-31.png recently added stellar

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update 2019,

so, bitpay,, coinbase,

all start to implement KYC,

KYC is BAD, they require ID and don't allow you to transfer more than 5,000usd

they are the same as bank, this is the problem with companies, when they start getting big, they start becoming communist and must follow American Law, american money law is criminal, they force people to put id so they can arrest you

so, again like paypal we are back to square 1, communists!

but i have good news, Nicolas Dorier create his own software which is the same as bitpay

so you install the software on your server, and then you control payments,

this means you don't need THIRD PARTY,

you are your own bank, no one can tell you what to do because the software is installed on your server and you control your own invoices, the bitcoin to straight to your wallet

the software is called btcPayServer



if you dont want to install btcPayServer, you can also use someone else server

if you use someone else server, they dont have access to your bitcoin, so it is great, but they could ban you from their server,
its better to install btcPayServer software on your own server

i use other server for demo, but soon i will install the software on my own server

Siropu who own add-on
Ads Manager 2 start to integrate dbTech Credits and Bank Pay/Crytpo Transfer,
so my users can buy dbtech Credits with Bitcoin or Litecoin

here is demo VIDEO of buy credits with bitcoin using dbTech:
left is admin, right is user buy credits

still have some bugs, but i am talk with siropu

i have no setup litecoin yet, so only bitcoin work at this time

as you can see, my users can buy credits with bitcoin, and the invoice is from the software btcPayServer

so it means! it is not a company! the inovice/bank system is on my server!


you can also see invoice in btcPayServer

the software can accept, bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin lightning,
i think the developer will add more coins in the future,
best of all, software is open source and FREE

this software is amazing and the developer agree with Freedom and Freedom from the bank and criminal paypal system

so i dont need :, bitpay,, coinbase
say goodbye to them! because they will ban you is they dont agree with your politics, dont use them

bitcoin is freedom, bitcoin don't get involved in politics

bitcoin is the future!

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