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Fillip H.

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You may have downloaded the product before the Branding Free add-on was assigned to the parent product.

TL;DR: Re-download the product and re-upload the files.

After migrating from vBulletin, I made it so that when you purchase a Branding Free add-on, it needs to be associated with a license for the parent product. For instance, if you owned 2 licenses of DB Shop, but only 1 Branding Free license, you would need to choose what license to associate that Branding Free add-on with.

Unfortunately it was not possible to automatically assign all Branding Free add-ons to parent licenses during the migration, since multiple people owned multiple copies of each license and each Branding Free add-on.

About 3 weeks ago or so I decided to put in the effort to solve that issue, automating as much as I could and manually sorting out the ones I couldn't.

If you downloaded DB Shop after the migration, but prior to the Branding Free add-on being associated, then the Branding Free would not be applied.

Might be a good opportunity to upgrade to the latest version as well, as v6.0.0b6 is not the latest version :)
We've made updates to both addons, so that would require us to recode the changes we made :(

I wasn't planning on updating it after the initial purchase. Is there another way to remove the branding?

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