1. P

    Dragonbyte Credits

    Hello, Can someone offer anny guide about how to add this to my forum? I search for a video or anny guide but no found anny. Thanks
  2. webi

    Bug Class 'ZipArchive' not found

    Hi Phillip. When trying the button "Download All Files" we get the following error message. Why is that or how can we fix the error? Class 'ZipArchive' not found on line 1082 in /data/var/www/ #0...
  3. 1quicksi

    Question eRROR

    Just installed and got an error when trying to "save all" when uploading an image. Not Found The requested URL /forums/dbtgallery.phpdo=view_image&id=1&gal=gallery was not found on this server.
  4. X

    Bug Page not found - posts

    This suddenly appeared yesterday when clicking on links to posts (not threads): Page not found Disabling DBSEO fixes this. Changes since it last worked properly: I was moved to a new server yesterday.
  5. P

    Bug I found a bug in DBSEO.

    hello, I am again I found a bug in DBSEO. if you click on "preview post" and then click on the header image or home button, a white page will appear. it is a false url, see screenshot number 3. This is also the case with PMs Screen: Regards
  6. F

    Question Shipping Time again

    Hy, Sorry, i ask for this for a few days but for this time i cant invest more time in the project. Now im back and i have the old problem. My old question was : I cant found the options you say. Ive found only the options...
  7. S

    Question Template amendment

    Hi Sorry to be a pain... Just downloaded the vBMAil software, just want to confirm I am doing this amendment correct.. I have opened the class_mail.php and searched for $this->smtpSocket = It appears to have found one instance but as you can see it mentions more text... Do I just add...
  8. R

    Bug Doesnt show any older thanks since upgrade

    My site was recently upgraded and we upgraded all the mods, When upgrading this one, We found that the data is still there but we don't see any old thanks/likes/loves. We can see the new ones. The data can be found on the side of each user profiles in a post thanks/likes dropdown chart. When...
  9. spawn

    atal error: Class 'DBTech_Model_Shop_Item' not found

    I dear. I speak english veri bit. I istalled your addon on my xenforo 1.5.7. I create categories and item. When user push on the create item an error show on video: Fatal error: Class 'DBTech_Model_Shop_Item' not found in...
  10. scalemotorcars

    Question Where is the 404 setting

    Not sure why I cant find it but where is the setting for the File Not Found or 404 page? Thanks...
  11. Zambfd

    Bug Fatal error: Class 'Patchwork\PHP\Shim\Intl' not found - new post/reply.

    Hi, since the update to 2.0.29 we retreive the following error on new posts when a link is posted. Fatal error: Class 'Patchwork\PHP\Shim\Intl' not found in /var/****/ on line 114 PHP Version...
  12. S

    Bug Final Character of Retrieved Link Titles Being Chopped Off

    Hello, First I would like to say thank you for the recent bugfix involving link title retrieval over HTTPS links and on HTTPS forums. We have found this very helpful having just moved over to HTTPS ourselves. We've run into another, much more minor problem though - which is that the final...
  13. M

    Question Webmaster tools found errors in the Tags

    Hi Fillip H., I have seen that Webmaster Tools of Google found errors "Soft 404" for each tags added in the forum. Is it shown here: What I can do? Thanks in advance.
  14. I

    Question Class DBTech_CookieControl_Action_Test cannot be found

    I've upgraded and now getting this error when I test newsletters check Class DBTech_CookieControl_Action_Test cannot be found.
  15. G

    Bug Installation fail

    Installation Failed Sorry, the product encountered an error during installation. More information is provided below to help address the issue. 132.php not found in directory /home/easteuro/public_html/dbtech/dbseo/install Any help on that one? Alex
  16. E

    Bug problem after upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3

    this is the error when i access the dbseo panel Invalid Action. Not Found: /home/*/public_html/forum/dbtech/dbseo/actions/admin/buildnavprefs.php
  17. J

    Bug Disabled vbActivity - Fatal error: Class 'VBACTIVITY' not found

    I have disabled vbActivity on my forum (but didn't uninstall it) and since then vbAnswer gives me an error when users post a new topic: Fatal error: Class 'VBACTIVITY' not found in forum/dbtech/vbanswers/includes/class_dm_problem.php on line 191 Can you look into this? At this moment I really...
  18. M

    Bug PHP Fatal error Class DBSEO not found

    Hi there We have since the last two versions a lot of php error log entries like this: PHP Fatal error: Class 'DBSEO' not found in /home/www-data/ on line 50 What can we do? It looks like DB SEO works but it's still strange to get this error. Thanks for helping me Marco
  19. klaush

    Bug The page you are looking for is not found

    Hello from us!:-) We have an issue when trying to get together two threads to one thread: The page you are looking for is not found And it must be an issue with dbseo, because the action can completed, when deacrivating the plugin. Thanks for help and support! Greetings Klaus
  20. V

    Question Email Marketing

    Hi I would like to send email marketing campaigns by area of residence. You can do? To send the email i found these services vBulletin Add-on: Email Marketing Integration | vBulletin Services, vBulletin Setup & vBulletin SEO. Have one to recommend? Thanks