What is your vBulletin Hosting?


Hello everyone!

I have been experiencing several web hosting and was never satisfied with the result yet. I'd like to know what is your vBulletin hosting and if you're happy with it.

I was adviced to avoid BlueHost, HostGator and the like.

I was told the best vBulletin Hosting was URLJET... yet it's quite expensive and I want to make sure it's suited for my use. I'd like to install both Wordpress blog and vBulletin forum on my site.

Anyone tried Atspace, hostinger or siteground ?

Thanks in advance!


i don't run vbulletin anymore,

but years ago, i ran vbulletin, i ran my vbulletin forum from my home, it was great, until i started getting more traffic then i moved over to hostgator

hostgator is good for small forums, but when one of my forums started getting bigger and bigger, host gator was no longer good

i switched over to ovh, ovh is excellent for the price, but you have to manage it yourself

i also run some of my forums from my home internet, now that there is 1gib internet speeds, its much easier to run a server from home

but all my forums are mostly xenforo, a few are also phpbb and im thinking of getting woltlab soon to try it out

none are vbulletin anymore



I know many people are quitting vBullein. Why on earth did you leave vBulletin? I've invested too much money into vBulletin that it's difficult for me to consider quitting them... What are your arguments?

What are OVH hosting plan?

Do you know Arch Hosting? I bought them a lifetime account. (They offered it to a limited amount of people in order to get some cash but they do not offer it anymore. Their price are starting from $15)


third party support for vbulletin has been declining throughout the years, and third party is what the most important thing for me
also the current vbulletin is not very good looking
i'm not sure about their development,

plug-ins and add-ons are the most important for me when running a forum, i always find the developers for forum software are not willing to add many features, they are the ones who are holding innovation back, they are so slow to implement features because they don't think it's good for a forum
in their heads they think all forums should be the same,

so this is why third party add-ons is important for me, and right now xenforo has lots of third party support
i also like the xenforo style and OU

i also put in alot of money into my old vbulletin forum, but i think you should always keep improving your forum because if you don't, users will leave to a better forum

forums are not dying, but administrators are not improving their forums, so users are getting bored and moving on to facebook or something more fun

i don't know Arch Hosting, but i looked at their website and they have a good looking website, they also take bitcoin! unfortunately i prefer dedicated servers

i got a lifetime phone account from my phone company many years ago(20 years ago), unlimited calling and everything, and now they charge a lot for the same account, and they said they cancelled life time accounts, but my account is still free for some reason, i think they forgot about me or must be a glitch,
anyways i cant call customer service because im afraid they might realize im still getting free everything, and stop my account :unsure::giggle:



Finally, Liam from Arch Hosting helped me to run vBulletin and it was all my fault in the end. I was using a firewall that blocked FTP and Arch Hosting.
Now everything seems to work like a charm...

I'll consider moving to Xenforo if I ever get the chance to afford it. I'm quite happy with vBulletin right now. Although I bought VB5, I'm using only VB4 as it's my best one and it has a lot of mods.