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I've installed this and run daily tasks as requested in the readme file, however it hasn't seemed to do anything, I have about 4 of your mods installed on my website and was hoping to use this mod to streamline the copyright in the footer...

I have both settings set to yes as well, but still displaying 4 different copyright in the footer



Hi, it's been 2 days now and it seems it removed vBShop and Advance Like system, but has kept vB Credits and Advance User Tagging

Any suggestions?


Hi, thanks for your reply

The vBcredits is up-to-date, however the Advance tagging is release behind, but according to the changelog, the only thing updated that may be relevant to me is a PHP 7.1 compatibility issue..

However I assume if it was due to it not being to latest versions, then vbCredits' footer should have been removed?

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After investigating this, I've concluded that vBCredits is not compatible with Copyright Management due to how vBulletin loads templates. There's no viable fix for that at this time, as it would take way too much time and resources to set up & test.

The latest version of User Tagging is compatible however, I don't know whether this applies to older versions.

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Hello @Irishnotsane,

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