New FREE XenForo Product: Easy Registration!

Fillip H.

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Hey all,

DragonByte Technologies is proud to present our next modern XenForo modification; Easy Registration v1.0.0!

Make the registration process for your XenForo forum easier and faster, by redesigning the Login Bar and removing unneeded form elements from the registration form.


Getting people to register to your forum is a challenge in itself. You want to make the process as quick and painless as possible, and by cutting down on the confusion and trimming out unneeded elements from your registration form, this modification makes it easier to get people to register.

Each individual interface change can be turned on/off via the options.

Complete Feature List

  • Display version number
  • Enter your branding free key if you purchased one.
  • Enter your Affiliate ID
  • Enable / Disable the mod
  • Replace "Login Bar"
  • Modify "Sign Up" Sidebar Button
  • Registration Form: Remove Gender
  • Registration Form: Remove Date of Birth
  • Registration Form: Remove Password Confirmation


Product Info / Download:

Click Here!

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