how do you guys send newsletters every week with thousands of users?


i got an email saying:

"The system has detected an unusually large amount of outbound email.
It is possible that the following email address has been sending spam from your server"

after i sent a newsletter and i only have 5000 users

what happens when i have 50,000 users? how are you supposed to send that many newsletters in 1 shot


i have a dedicated server so ive been sending them all at once, my ip is probably backlisted by now?

ive been looking at buying dbtech's newletter add-on,

it says it can send them throughout the day

so i could send 208 newsletters every hour for 24 hours, which totals at 5,000

but if im sending 208 emails every hour for 24 hours, im sure i would still be flagged as spam?

does it really matter, 5000 all at once, or throughout the day?

maybe i;ll look into transactional email provider, but thats out of my price range for now, im not making any money in my forum

ad blocker killed most of my revenue and forums are not as popular anymore,