Dragonbyte seo equivalent for xenforo?

Hey there I enjoyed using dbseo on vbulletin, are there any plans to incorporate or bring over any of those features to a addon for xenforo?
Is it though? What I want is for it to be able to rewrite the urls the way vbseo/dbseo did turning this url into maybe...

After some searching I believe the closest thing I've found is

but I don't believe it's available or has a replacement for xenforo 2.x boards. The last I've seen of it was for xenforo 1 boards & the last reply he made was in 2017. He or someone closed the thread for the addon on xenforo.com in 2021.

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It is, yes.

You can do limited rewriting using the Route Filter feature in XF2.
The main problem with Route Filters by itself is this.

"The find and replace fields must have the same number of wildcards."
Define the route filter as follows:
Find route: /threads/{thread}
Replace with: /forums/{forum}/threads/{thread}

So unless I'm missing something, there needs to be an addon for the wanted hierarchy
Right, I understand that, but it's a bad hierarchy. Search engines recommend only one identifier per URL.