Asking for a new product


Is it possible that you can create a new product similar to this one

Because it was a real good product but not functioning with Vbulletin 4.2.3 and above

Google Traduction

I will be interested to buy that kind of product from you



Have you checked the site for the plugin first
If i am asking here, it is because there is no version of that product over there !

I asked a simple question that can be answer by Yes or No ?

I did not ask question where to find it.

I already bought a lot of DragonByte products and i would like to buy that kind of product over here that is no more developed anywhere else.

So thanks for the answer but it is not what i asked for, read again please !


Could an admin would like to answer my question please?

Do you think you can build such kind of product for VB4.2.5, i am interested to buy it !

I still have no answer and it seems that Dragonbyte has stop developing any new product so far.
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