user tagging

  1. J

    Two general questions

    I am hoping to buy two licenses of User Tagging, one for each of two communities I run. Here are three questions. The Account Profile only allows me to enter one Xenforo token. How does it work if I need two licenses? What is the installation process? Is it different than other add-ons? Is...
  2. DragonByte Technologies

    DragonByte User Tagging 1.8.0

    DragonByte User Tagging is designed to increase activity on your forum by allowing members to mention user groups, tag users in threads, use hash tags in posts and see trending hash tags.
  3. mykkal

    Bug User Taggering issue

    User Taggeing Generates BBCODE "Username" I tried mentioning a member and I see ['MENTION']username['/MENTION'] Absolutely unsure of where to proceed from here. I use other plugins of yours with no problem.
  4. D

    Bug Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated

    The url may not work because it is not live yet. The error that appears when tagging a user in a post is: Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in ..../includes/functions_newpost.php on line 200 I am aware that this is because the server is...
  5. Jj Michael Smith

    Question How to set up forum block tags?

    How do you get the forum block to work. I see nothing there.
  6. Vcize

    Question PHP 5.3 support

    I recently upgraded my server from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3.28. My instance of User Tagging Pro stopped working and started throwing errors about Assigning the return value of new by reference being deprecated. What is the minimum version I need to upgrade to for PHP 5.3 support?
  7. K

    How Long Do I Have To Wait??

    Last night I purchased Advanced User Tagging. Paid for it through PayPal. It cleared my PayPal immediately. Is there somewhere else I have to go besides the Client Area to download it? All I see in there is: I am a bit surprised that it is still the same. What am I having to wait for? (yes...
  8. Vincent Polisi

    Question How Do You Enable Email Notifications In Advanced User Tagging?

    I've got Advanced User Tagging Lite operational for vB5.1.0 and it's working great. My understanding is that it would fire an email notification to each user when they are tagged in addition to adding it to their inbox and notification number icon. It's not doing that. Is there some other...
  9. Vincent Polisi

    Advanced User Tagging Lite doesn't work in vB 5.1.0

    I want to purchase a lifetime license for Advanced User Tagging and uploaded the lite version to test it out prior to purchase. When trying to import the XML file, my only options are vb3 and vb4 from the download. When selecting the product-dbtech_usertag.xml file I get the following error...
  10. GaWd

    Question "You have been quoted at [forumname]

    My users do not like the notifications sent by Advanced User Tagging. I have disabled the following: Disabled Emails This setting lets you globally disable email alerts for each feature. Mentions Tags Quotes But I am still getting notifications when quoted or mentioned. How do I disable...
  11. M

    Advanced User Tagging Installation!

    When I tried to buy Advanced User Tagging mod, I was surprised by this statement: "Does not contain the product itself, only a form to fill out that will enable DragonByte Tech support agents to install the software (purchased separately) on your forum." What do you mean by: "(purchased...
  12. B

    Question Unable to upload XML during installation. -> XML Error: "No error at Line 0"

    Unable to upload XML during installation. -> XML Error: "No error at Line 0" Hi, I am having problems with the latest version of the advanced user tagging. When I go to upload the XML version for v3, I keep getting this error: XML Error: "No error at Line 0". I have re-downloaded several...
  13. GuiltyNL

    Bug Pro version installed, some questions

    Ok we have the pro version installed in our test configuration (5.1.0). But It seems that I don't see everything? 1) Mentions work. ;) 2) I'm unable to disable the PM for having a Mention or Quote etc., I've tried 'Hide Mention Alerts' and 'Disable Mention Emails' but I still keep receiving the...
  14. McLarenDan

    Bug I'm considering upgrading - but install errors need sorting first!

    I've just installed vb user tagging.... I was going to buy the full version, however came across serious issues on the lite version! However, I have a few issues which need sorting first.. When I click the vbTech - User Tagging tab, I get the following error on every page: Warning...
  15. M

    Bug Some posts became undeletable!

    After installing Advanced user Tagging Pro, some posts in various threads have become undeleteable! Moderators try to delete them but after processing the delete request, they are still there!. Even if they try to unapprove these posts, they still remain approved. This is not true for all...
  16. GuiltyNL

    Advanced User Tagging PM Notification

    Hello, We have tested the Advanced User Tagging Lite version on our 5.0.5 board, but we are unhappy with the PM's being sent with each tag. Is there a way to disable this in the PRO version? Also, wouldn't it be better to add it to the Notifications in the Message Center instead of sending a...
  17. ZeroHour

    Custom Registration page broken

    Hi Just finally upgraded to v2 from 1.2 and for some reason custom registration pages are not working. The sections are shown but the display order is ignored and I cant hide fields properly. Also it doesnt appear to prepopulate the email address field (do I have to hide that?) It has been a...
  18. G

    No download link despite emailing confirmation

    Hello, I had purchased advanced user tagging earlier today however did not receive an email confirmation to the Paypal address. I have also emailed from the Paypal email address however the download link is still "Awaiting Authorisation Please check your PayPal...
  19. heredia21

    Bug Problem with latest update

    Just downloaded and upgraded to the latest version of this mod and when I go into a user's profile I now get: An internal error has occurred and the module cannot be displayed.
  20. S

    Bug Buttons disappearing when click on like button!

    Basically, whenever I click on the like button. The Quick reply and Multi Quote button will disappear any help? Much Appreciated