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DragonByte User Tagging 1.8.0

Allow members to use hash tags in posts and tag users in threads.
DragonByte User Tagging
DragonByte User Tagging is designed to increase activity on your forum by allowing members to mention user groups, tag users in threads, use hash tags in posts and see trending hash tags.
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The DragonByte User Tagging mod adds multiple new features to your site, including extending the user mention feature to also work for user groups (auto-complete enabled). It also adds the ability to add Twitter-style hash tags to your posts, with auto-complete for existing hash tags used by other members.

These extra features help increase content discoverability and drive user engagement by offering them new ways of interact with each other and with the rest of the site.

Primary Features

User group mentions: Typing @ then the name of a user group will mention all users in that user group, with full auto-complete support. Controlled via user group permissions, and works in posts as well as user profiles.

Hash tags: Typing # then any given word will generate a hash tag that links to a search result containing all posts where this hash tag is used. Auto-complete is supported for existing hash tags. Works in posts and user profiles.

User tags: Users can be tagged in threads in a similar way threads are currently tagged with words. Controlled via user group permissions.

Product Information

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DragonByte Technologies
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