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DragonByte User Tagging - Product specifications

Allow members to use hash tags in posts and tag users in threads.
DragonByte User Tagging
DragonByte User Tagging is designed to increase activity on your forum by allowing members to mention user groups, tag users in threads, use hash tags in posts and see trending hash tags.
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Feature List

User Group Mentions
The ability to mention user groups are an invaluable tool for active forums who want a quick-fire way of alerting staff members to goings-on that do not warrant a full report, or as a way to alert a small group of members such as site supporters.

You have complete control over which user groups can be mentioned, and which user groups can mention other user groups. For performance reasons, user group alerts are disabled by default and must be enabled on a per-user group basis. You also have a "Can mention user groups" permission to restrict the ability to mention groups.

User group mentions even work in profile posts, and they are styled with the user group's CSS styles!

Hash Tags
Not only a powerful tool for finding individual posts, they can also be used as a form of expression. With powerful "trending" features powering the "Trending Hash Tags" widget, you will always know what are the most popular hash tags being used across your site.

If your members use hash tags to describe their own posts, you will find they can be an invaluable tool for quickly finding other posts with similar content. DragonByte User Tagging uses XenForo 2's search engine result rendering to display other posts with the same hash tag, meaning no additional customisation if you have already customised your search results on your site. This also means it will be easier to expand support to other content types in the future :)

Speaking of other content types, like user group mentions, hash tags are fully supported in profile posts!

User Tags
Your members will also have the ability to tag other users in a thread, very similar to how content tags are added to threads at the moment. To users with the appropriate permissions, a new option appears next to the existing thread tag feature that will open a very similar overlay to allow them to enter other user names.

Who can tag users in threads is controlled both globally (XenForo options, next to the existing content tag options), per-user group and per-forum. On the subject of forums, the alerts (and search results when viewing threads any user is tagged in) respect forum permissions. Users are never alerted if they are tagged in private forums.

Further than that, each individual member will have a new Privacy option under the "Allow users to..." block, called "Tag you in content".

Product Information

XenForo 2.0.x XenForo 2.1.x XenForo 2.2.x
DragonByte Technologies
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