Advanced Post Thanks / Like

From US $39.95

Advanced "likes" system with admin-settable options including thank, dislike & more.

DragonByte SEO

From US $69.95

Search engine optimization to help improve your site's ranking

vB Optimise

From US $69.95

Increases page load speed & decreases server load by eliminating billions of queries.


From US $44.95

Add fully featured chatrooms to your site. Plus notifications for new threads & more.

Advanced User Tagging

From US $34.95

Add the ability to tag members using @username, plus a hashtag system for topics.

vBActivity & Awards

From US $39.95

Track and reward members for activity on your site, great for retention!

vBCredits II Deluxe

From US $42.5

A fully features points/credits system allowing your members to earn or buy points.


From US $39.95

Allow your members to use points & buy permissions, features and more on your forum.


From US $34.95

Allow your members to download files or upload content to be shared.


From US $12.5

Allows you to easily edit your navbar and even add multiple navbars to your site.


From US $24.95

Adds a fully customizable image slider to your forum.


From US $32.5

Add panels showing forum statistics, latest posts, most popular content & more!


From US $39.95

Add the ability to easily receive real money donations to the site from your members.


From US $39.95

Adds 2 factor authentication, IP address checks, patches security flaws and more!

Postbit Tabs

From US $12.5

Adds tabs to your postbit to show different user info in a clean & friendly way.

AJAX Threads

From US $24.95

Automatically update threads in admin-selected locations without refreshes.


From US $39.95

Create newsletter emails to your members. Includes analytics to track performance.

vBSuper PM's

From US $19.95

A complete overhaul & expansion of the private messaging system.


From US $59.95

Adds a fully featured arcade with access to tons of web-based games to your site.


From US $27.5

Add a notification bar to let your members easily spot mentions, post replies & more.

DragonByte Gallery

From US $49.95

Creates a gallery and photo albums for your site and members.

Forum Live Feed & User Wall

From US $34.95

An automatically updating feed of new posts, threads and more.

Advanced Registration

From US $27.5

A complete overhaul & expansion of the registration system.

Profile Hover

From US $12.5

Show a friendly profile summary of a user when you hover over their username.


From US $27.5

Allow your members or staff to create several types of quiz or questionnaire.

Thread Ratings

From US $19.95

Allows members to rate & vote on threads with a star system.

DragonByte vBForms

From US $19.95

Allows members to fill pre-defined forms when making threads. Great for support.

DragonByte Classifieds

From US $42.5

Add member to member auctions and sales to your site.

DragonByte Forum Tabs

From US $19.95

Gives a tabbed display of forum categories. Great for large forums.


From US $24.95

Adds advanced analytics to your forum to help increase use and retention.

DragonByte Forum Ads

From US $34.95

Show custom ads and allow advertisers to buy space on your site.


From US $19.95

An awards nomination system that allows members to vote on content.

Threadmins and Group Moderators

From US $19.95

Allow users to moderate & administrate specific threads without full access.

Forumon RPG

From US $59.95

Pokemon inspired RPG creation system with billions of creatable monster combinations.

DragonByte Reviews

From US $49.95

Allow staff & members to post reviews of products, games etc.

Random Questions

From US $24.99

Allow members to ask each other fun, member created questions.

Live Streaming Suite

From US $24.95

Integrate & view Twitch or YouTube streams on your forum.


From US $34.95

Allow your members to create unique signature images from pre-defined elements.

Redirect Banned Users

From US $12.5

Redirect banned users away from your site.


From US $19.95

Adds tabs to the WYSIWYG editor to accommodate extra emjois & more.


From US $24.95

Allow your members to create unique avatars with a "person builder."

DragonByte Custom Navigation

From US $12.5

Add new, cuistomizable navigation UI elements to your forum.

Global Branding Free

From US $499.95

Remove current & future branding.

DragonByte Newsletter

From US $14.95

Auto-create newsletters from the most popular threads and posts


From US $34.95

Q&A system for your site similar to Yahoo Answers.

DragonByte Raffles

From US $24.95

Host raffles for your members to let them win forum points.

Cookie Control

From US $12.45

Cookie Law compliance / management.