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Legacy vBSuper PM's

A complete overhaul & expansion of the private messaging system.
vBSuper PM's
vBSuper Pm's A complete private message management system.
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Major Features

Attachments in PM's
: Users now can use attachments in their pm's. (Pro)

PM Auto Responder: Users can set a auto response to pm's they receive if they wish.

No Links in PM's: Admins have the ability to set no links in pm's.

PM Blocker: User have the ability to set up a pm block from users they do not wish to get pm's from.

PM Warning Block: User have the ability to set up a warning message that senders will see if try and send a pm to someone with it set up.

Minimum Posts To Send PM's: Admins have the ability to set minimum amount of posts to send pm's.

Pm Previews: Admins can set from tow different types of pm preview, a threaded type or mouseover.

Excluded Usergroups/Users From Sending PM's: Admins can set usergroups to not be able to send pm's.

Days Registered To Send PM's: Admins can set minimum days registered to be able to send pm's.

Throttle PM's: Admins can set a limit on how many pm users can send in a given time period.

PM Notifications: Admins can choose between two different notifications users will see when they have unread pm's.

PM Post Quote: Users can be pm'd if someone quotes them in a post.

Auto Quote Pm: Users can have the option to automatically remove the auto quote from PM's they reply to.

Reply To All Recipients: Users can choose to reply to all, if the pm was sent to multiple recipients.

Prune PM's Via Cron Job: Admins can set pm's to be pruned by a cron job.

Force Users To Read PM's: Admins can set it so users must read pm's before doing anything on the forum.

Mass PM Users From ACP: Admins can mass pm users from the acp, with many types of criteria to choose from.

PM Stats/Log: List showing all users PM stats.
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