xenforo x 2 Shout box


New member
Hello, im opening a new site looking for some addons like your shout box, I did not see anything there for x2? any plans?

Fillip H.

Staff member
There's no plans for an XF2 version at this time, I still have a lot of work to do updating all other XF2 addons. Once I'm done with that I'll revisit whether I should restart the XF2 version of DB Shout :)


Good day Fillip, thought I would revisit this question as I'm getting to the point where I'd like to upgrade to XF 2.x. So far, one of the things holding me back is DB Shout, as I would hate to lose this. If you're planning on continuing development, could you please let us know roughly when we could expect to see it?


siropu has a chat add-on, he's an excellent developer, u can always buy his and maybe someday dbtech will make one then you can change,
i bought siropu's credits referral add-on, waiting someday for dbtech to make one, but i am happy with siropu's add-on