Bug myfilrestore hack due to dbseo

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I am facing vbulletin myfilestore hack since a long. 3-4 times till now in 6-8 months.

In search engine results, if one clicks on my website, they get redirected to myfilestore.com, and it is cookie based, so it happens only once unless they delete cookie and click again, they will be redirected to myfilestore again. I come to know about this by google search console notification as google manually add affected site to spam list and show message that it may be hacked untill we fix the issue.

Last time i uninstalled few plugin and disabled and enabled dbseo and it was fine. Today i noticed again it is redirected in myfilestore.com , so i disabled dbseo, and deleted cookies and checked again, it is fine. again enabled dbseo and now also it is fine. but i suspect it has something to do with dbseo. dbseo is making it vulnerable.

Please look into the matter and let me know if you can fix this else i would have to uninstall dbseo as i have no alternative now.

Have you tried flushing the cache in DBSEO, or exporting your settings and reinstalling the mod?
today again i noticed it was again getting redirected to myfilestore.com.
i cleared the cache but it didnt solved.
then i again disabled dbseo and enabled again, it stopped redirecting and fine now.
but after 1-2 days again it will happen.

any permanent solution other than uninstalling dbseo or disabling dbseo?


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If this was an exploit in DBSEO, then more sites running DBSEO would be vulnerable, including this site.

Can you please try uninstalling DBSEO, then re-installing it? If there's some data in there somewhere that's been corrupted by wherever the exploit came from, a reinstall should clean it all out :)
Check your plugin manager for something you never installed also go to Maintenance/Diagnostics/Suspect File Versions and see if there is a file that has been uploaded then change all passwords and put a htaccess password for your admincp and modcp

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Hello SaN-DeeP,

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