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Hi @Fillip H.

I'd like to know if I am able to build a kind of market with the xenforo ecommerce addon. I want to include a market within the next few month on my site. The idea is, that every user who has a certain usergroup is able to create products and sell (f.e. csgo smurf accs, other services) on my site. Is that possible with DB ecommerce? If yes, do users have like a wallet or balance on my site wich they can load money on and withdraw it later or purchase stuff from the market or my upgrades?

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Fillip H.

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No, eCommerce is not a Classifieds add-on so none of this will be possible unfortunately.

The requirements for a Classifieds add-on are such that it would not be possible to support the Payment Profile system in XenForo, nor a shopping cart feature (since a cart could include items from multiple vendors with multiple different payment processors).
For that reason, I decided to abandon the notion of supporting Classifieds functionality in lieu of being able to automatically support any payment profile someone might add to their site, such as cryptocurrencies.
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