make a dbtech real xenforo mobile app


70-90% of users use mobile now,

laptops are past, desktop are less and less used

please make a dbTech xenforo mobile app


i dont think xenforo will ever make mobile app, they only have 3 developers and cant afford to hire more developers

so we need you to make it for us, i dont have time to wait, i will donate money to start this project, 100usd or more to start

i think others will donate also,

with notifications and google play

my users keep asking me everyday about mobile app and some are leaving my forum because they say i dont have mobile app

we need mobile app! we need mobile app!



You might find this useful:

I certainly have no plans to create a mobile app. It would take close to a year to learn how to do this, and I don't think anyone would donate enough to pay a full-time salary for a year in order for me to create such an app :)

I engaged that person regarding the mobile and it is extremely limited. Then on top of that I requested to have a custom version made to include an add-on and he refused to do so but was going to add his own add-on mod which in the grander scheme of others was not that good.

There is one aspect of a mobile app that I have been researching, that I believe everyone would go for. A mobile app that just runs the site inside the mobile app as an html5 environment where everything would work as designed, to include anything else that is added. If you create this where the only element that needs to be added is the site's URL. Then it can also do push notification too. I agree with @21515 that there is a major need for this.


ya its 2020, and NONE of the forum software out there has any official app,

its pretty sad, this tells us how bad forum software companies are, and are not able to keep up with the current technology,

even xenforo's new fake "app" in 2.2 wont be any good

you need an offical android app, anything else wont do in 2020

its does require a lot of time and money to make an official app,

considering that facebook, twitter, reddit almost completely obliterated and killed all of the traffic for forum owners, there is just not much demand out there for forums anymore, other than a hobby, yes there is still some big forums out there, but not even close as there was 20 years ago, and ad blockers dont help

everywhere i go i see most forums are really small with little traffic, even myself now the first place i go to get answers is mostly reddit but sometimes facebook or twitter

going to forums are the last thing on my mind,

forum owners and forum software companies are not making as much money anymore, and they failed to keep up and are closed minded

thats why forums failed

on another side,. i did notice forum software companies are offering cloud forums for their own software and they take care of everything for you, for a low monthly price

maybe that is their business plan to make millions and a way to bring in a constant monthly revenue in order to get more money and hire more workers so they can afford to build and innovate quicker, a cloud based monthly subscription forum companies to beat all the other forum software companies. 1 company to dominate them all

i think woltlab and vbulletin and Invision Community currently have cloud based

even so, now they are creating decentralized social media which means its not really owned by anyone and cant censored posts, so another downfall for small forums

the situation for forums is what is currently happening to small business around the world,

massive big corporations are killing and small business, and where only 10 companies in the world own everything

20 years ago was fun, forums were full of energy,

but many forum administrators lost their job,

but for now... with no official android app... time to say goodbye

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