interested on InfoPanels?

hi team
i am interested on purchase InfoPanels x stat for VB5 now i got a free one
would like to know is this include
Branding Free Lifetime$50.25 ?
can you elaborate pleas


Fillip H.

Staff member
The Branding Free is an add-on license and cannot be added to the free "Lite" version. You will need to purchase the full version of the mod, and add the Branding Free as an add-on during checkout (or later via your Licenses list).
got anther question
thanks for your kindle replay if I purchase the full version is there a option to do the same as the picture
thanks again


Fillip H.

Staff member
Unfortunately not.

I should also warn you that the vB5 products are not in active development because of the developers' decision to make it impossible to properly develop for vB5. If you purchase the modification, it will be at an "as-is" basis, we cannot guarantee that it continues to work on new versions of vB5.