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This is a pre-purchase question in parts.
First, we are loving SEO. Thank you.

Our VB installation has a splash page than you go straight to the forum by design. I want to install your forum ads on a page that is not a forum or sub-forum visible in the main forum page at

The best installation scenerio would be to have it installed to replace the splash page and second best would be to have it as the first tab on the top bar.

The "reason" I do not want this installed in the main forum is that we don't want to appear "commercial" in the forum however it is "ok" to appear commercial on the splash page or perhaps a tab.

Suggestions welcome.



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Hi there,

At the moment, ForumAds can only display in the ad locations vBulletin provides. There is a way to add custom ad locations, but the page will need to be powered by vBulletin in order for this to work.

Sorry :(

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Hello joshuasimonds,

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