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DragonByte User Tagging
DragonByte User Tagging is designed to increase activity on your forum by allowing members to mention user groups, tag users in threads, use hash tags in posts and see trending hash tags.

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DragonByte Technologies

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A new update is available for DragonByte User Tagging by DragonByte Technologies.

DragonByte User Tagging 1.7.6

Update highlights

This version fixes a compatibility issue that arose from the recent upgrade to XenForo Media Gallery v2.2.5. This version is now the minimal version if you're running this add-on alongside XFMG.

Complete Change Log

Change: Set XFMG's minimum version to 2.2.5
Change: Replace utf8_ functions with mb_ functions
Fix: XFMG integration with XFMG 2.2.5 caused a server error

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DragonByte Technologies
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