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DragonByte Shop
DragonByte Shop is the most advanced shop mod to date. Giving you unprecedented control over what items you can sell, DragonByte Shop is the perfect mod to go along with virtually any points modification.
With features like overriding any usergroup permission, including those of custom modifications, DragonByte Shop raises the bar for what you will come to expect from a shop mod.

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DragonByte Technologies

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A new update is available for DragonByte Shop by DragonByte Technologies.

DragonByte Shop 6.4.8

Update highlights

This version resolves a regression from v6.4.6 as well as improving the checkout experience by making it possible to gift the same item during checkout to multiple users simultaneously.

Complete Change Log

Feature: It is now possible to gift the same item during checkout to multiple users simultaneously
Fix: Fix regression from 6.4.6 that caused issues when purchasing items

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DragonByte Technologies
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