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A new update is available for DragonByte Shop by DragonByte Technologies.

DragonByte Shop 6.3.0

Update highlights

This version adds a few features requested by the community. Administrators have more control than ever over purchases, as the buyer can now be edited when ticking the "Is gifted" box. For users with a lot of purchased items, inline moderation is now available to quickly manage purchases with common actions such as discard, activate / deactivate, and hide / show.

A few issues reported by the community have also been resolved. See the changelog for further details.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Ability to edit a purchase's buyer via the AdminCP
Feature: Item names are now shown in the tooltip in the postbit
Feature: Leverage inline moderation to mass apply inventory actions
Change: Remove IP logging for trading
Fix: Ensure buyer user name is saved correctly when manually assigning a purchase in the AdminCP
Fix: Ensure buyer user ID and buyer user name are correctly updated when they are renamed
Fix: Removed IP logging for discard action when this action was done automatically

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