Feature Request Credits event "Visit" needs to be improved with actual usernames


when someone visits someones profile, in the transactions it says you earned # of credits because someone visited your profile

but it doesn't tell you who visited it in text, it only shows the avatar, its a bit confusing,
you have to look at the avatar, source and avatar



so i changed the phrase to <Target> earned credits because <Source> viewed their profile.

this way its easier to understand


so my suggestion: to make the default phrase actually include the username, instead of <target> and <source>

so it would read like this:
JLA Forums earned credits because Admin viewed their profile

tank you!!


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Hello @21515,

Thank you for your suggestion for DragonByte Credits. Your request will be reviewed by a member of our team shortly.

Unless there are any problems preventing these features from being added to the product, this thread will not receive another reply until it is time to review logged feature requests for implementation.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our products!

- DragonByte Tech Staff

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