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Hi, I posted in the forum about a month ago after purchasing the Newsletter mod. I needed to upgrade my site and php. I have done that - and am now on vB 4.2.5 and php 7.1. I still am confused regarding this mod - you originally said that the # of members of received the newsletter could be controlled in the 'user cp'. I know that in the DB Newsletter section of my admin cp I can set which forums to pull items from, and in the 'Options' menu I can turn the mod off/on, enter affiliate #, etc... but there's no where I can see to do much more than that. I did see that I can set the newsletter to run under 'scheduled tasks' or select 'run now', but when I select that it only sends newsletters to maybe 50 folks. I can repeat it a few times, but then I get a 'Done' message when I have only sent it out to maybe 200 members. I read the forums and I checked my vbulletin email settings and I don't think that's the issue. As I said before, I love your alls mods but this one isn't very intuitive. I have yet to see an actual newsletter (seems like a 'preview' option would be a no-brainer. I don't know if members are receiving. I guess I'm just looking for some clarity on how this mod is supposed to function now that I've upgraded.


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If you do not see the left side menu, please make sure you have set yourself as a super administrator in config.php

This is the same for all our mods, they all have individual admin permissions :)
Are you saying in the site config.php file? I am a Super Administrator there. I'm not saying I can't see the left side menu at all, just that the options are very limited. To get to the point, what I am really asking is:

1) Does the newsletter get sent to ALL members at the frequency and time identified in the 'Scheduled Task' parameters?

And again, the reason I am asking is because I did a 'Run Now' yesterday and it did not 'send' but to a small portion of our members. Instead, it sent it to maybe 200 members and then said 'Done' (and I had to click 'Run Now' several times just to get it to do that). I feel like I am missing something here?


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1) Does the newsletter get sent to ALL members at the frequency and time identified in the 'Scheduled Task' parameters
Not quite. There's two points to consider:

1) It will only email people who
a) have not unsubscribed
b) have not opted out of receiving admin emails

2) The scheduled task will send X amount of mails per run (defined in the vBulletin Options), to people who have not received the newsletter for Y days. Y is defined by the user in the UserCP, or by clicking the links in the footer

In other words, if 50 people have set their frequency to Weekly and it's been over 1 week since the last time they received an email, they will receive one the next time the scheduled task runs.

Furthermore, if all but 50 people have opted out of receiving emails from administrators, then only those 50 people will EVER receive the newsletter, as is intended in order to comply with anti-spam policies.
That all sounds reasonable but a) this mod was literally just installed so there's no way members have even had a chance to note the function exists or to have the opportunity to 'unsubscribe'. I understand your point about emails not going to folks who have opted out of administrator emails - but again, I'm very skeptical enough members have done that to explain the low #'s of 'sent' emails. I have yet to find anyone who has received an email, so that just leads me to believe there is either a setting issue I don't have right, or there's something not functioning right with the mod on my site.

I'm going to do a reinstall tonight and see if that makes a difference but if not I may ask you all to take a look. Thanks for the info!



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The only other thing I can think of is forum permissions, if you only told it to send newsletters for forums that people couldn't access or something?

I'm quite puzzled as no-one else has reported this issue.
This might help:

Note that this add-on sends out the newsletter in batches each time the cron job runs, so it's not going to send to all members at the same time.

If you set the cron job (scheduled task) as follows:

Day of the Week (Note: this overrides the 'day of the month' option) = *

Day of the Month = *

Hour = *

Minute = 0 10 20 30 40 50

Active = Yes

The add-on then goes through the list of members every 10 minutes to check whether any members in the batch match the criteria and sends to those who do match.

In a large forum, this can take several days to go through your entire member list.

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