Legacy Bought a lifetime license, plugin never gets updated.

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I paid almost 100 dollar for this module with lifetime updates.
Last update on this plugin is Dec 26, 2016.

To be honest that's a little disappointing to say the least.

Would be great if this module could be improved some time in the future.
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Hello @JAY,

Thank you for your suggestion for vBShout. Your request will be reviewed by a member of our team shortly.

Unless there are any problems preventing these features from being added to the product, this thread will not receive another reply until it is time to review logged feature requests for implementation.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our products!

- DragonByte Tech Staff
The vB5 mods can't be given major feature updates due to design decisions taken by Internet Brands, as is listed on the feature page: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/vbshout.208/

There are no current plans to try to work around the various problems with vB5, as it's a dead platform as far as mod development goes. For proof of this, you need look no further than vB.org: https://vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=198

vB5 mods were beginning to be released in September of 2012, and since then a grand total of 93 mods have been released. 93 mods in 6 years is as close to a dead platform as you get.

If you're interested in customising your forum, I would strongly recommend switching to XenForo 2 instead. If you were to make that switch, I would be happy to exchange your vB5 vBShout license for XF2 product licenses of an equivalent value.
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