1. M

    Bug Had to uninstall and abandon

    I had to uninstall this plugin and abandon it. It kept crashing no matter what I did (or didn't do) I will not be purchasing the Pro version. Way too buggy of an experience.
  2. O

    Question After uninstallation Question

    Is it normal/common for the "dbtech_registration_instance_section" and "dbtech_registration_session" table to remain in the database after dbtech advanced registration is uninstalled from vbulletin? Just wanted to be sure before I manually deleted those tables. Or should I install it once again...
  3. F

    Question Moderation notifications

    Is there a way to trigger notifications when new posts / threads need moderator approval? I kind of had it working by using this mod in that vBNotifications was telling me, but it the other mod was causing issues with other things and I had to uninstall it. I'm a little puzzled why IB didn't...
  4. EasyEasy

    VbShout upgrade help

    In the process of an upgrade of my forum to the latest version. I need to upgrade my version 5 of vbShout pro. Is it better to upgrade from this version or uninstall and install a fresh version 6?
  5. K

    Question restore all changes after uninstall plugin

    hi for many reason i have to uninstall DB seo but now all 404 errors are going to my forum hoem page and i found nothing in my .htaccess how can i change this setting to default?
  6. Jj Michael Smith

    Bug Double posting when tagging

    When we tag we get an error at the top of the forum for a brief second and makes a double post. This is the error then double post happens. Any ideas? es). * * @param boolean Do the query? */ function post_delete($doquery = true) { // Decrement shout counters...
  7. M

    Question Access Denied

    Hello, I seem to be hitting a few set backs, and maybe this is a problem with vBulletin or something, Seems to be only with vbshout, but not dismissing it, Just looking for guidance. http://forums.adamvstheman.com/vbshout.php?do=chataccess&instanceid=1&chatroomid=1 When I go to this link...
  8. M

    Bug Uninstalled - No styles exist... forum is in pieces

    I removed VB Optimise, And now my forum is completely screwed? DigitalWorldz Technology Forum - Satellite, television, consoles, community There is no graphics nothing? I have turned off all modifications in the config.php file with disable hooks. I have rebooted the server, I have cleared...
  9. R

    Bug WOW, tons of issues with this app...

    I will start with this. URL missing blank page appears after user submits (sometimes) No matter what everyone can approve their own reviews automatically even if its set to not approve automatically url not loading is the message. custom fields do not work, if you fill them out the review...
  10. T

    Question New Posts

    When you click on "New Posts" on the forum tab and then see all the new posts since you're last visit or last refresh. when you click on the far right >> to go to the last post in a thread it takes you to an entirley different thread.
  11. webi

    Bug Error in error.log

    Hello Fillip H., I have now installed DBSeo, and the following entries in the Apache error.log. [Sat Mar 01 11:45:27 2014] [error] [client] PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: missing terminating ] for character class at offset 102 in...
  12. F

    Bug Pull CDN does not work with vbulletin domain installed to a sub-folder

    When I enter the CDN domain for our domain, this plugin assumes that this is where vBulletin is installed. All URLs are re-written to use the domain as the vBulletin installation directory. I went back to try and change the URL, however it isn't possible to change it in the settings page. I...
  13. W

    Feature Request Temporary IP Ban - Time based

    Hey guys. The major problem with this plugin is that attackers are now spoofing legitimate users IP addresses. Not sure HOW they are doing so, but they are. SO, the result is that the attacker will attempt brute force with existing user IP address and it then bans the IP address. Then, the...
  14. S

    Question lot of failures in error.log

    Hi, i check my Apache error.log today and i see a lot of errors [Tue Feb 25 12:53:51 2014] [error] [client] PHP Stack trace: [Tue Feb 25 12:53:51 2014] [error] [client] PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/clients/client2/web1/web/dbseo.php:0 [Tue Feb 25 12:53:51 2014] [error]...
  15. C

    Question Toplinks Notices

    On loading pages, I noticed that the term "Notices" flashes in the toplinks area of the page (top right corner)..then by the completion of the page load, the word notices is replaced by "Inbox". I've tracked this odd behavior down to vbNotifications. Is there any way to complete hide the word...
  16. Dora

    Question Gallery missing imaage

    Gallery missing image Hello, Since version 1.3 has an error missing images. Missing thumbnails size and the image size for landings. Install all versions under the same forum 1.3xxx doing everything normal ... Upload and 1 folder = 777
  17. C

    Bug Reputation from Advanced Post Thanks / Like button problem

    Advanced Post Thanks / Like button is an reputation source. It is increase user.reputation value. But this event does not trigger givenrep/gottenrep Criteria types in vBActivity. I have Reputation (Received) >= 10 criteria and an achievement based on this criteria. It does not work. I think...
  18. N

    Bug Problem upon installation

    When I try installing, I get: vBulletin Message Sorry, you don't have permission to access the administrative controls on this page. If you need to access this page, ask your lead administrator to enable your permissions for this page using the Administrator Permissions section of the...
  19. greenlinenshirt

    Question Couple Questions about vBCredits (working with other addons)

    (vBCredits Version: v2.1.1pl1_[Lite] (vBShop Version v3.1.1 [Lite] Well I did some research on the forums here, and I know it's possible, however I am having issues doing it. I read the thread about it, and still can't figure it out. So I was hoping someone could explain this to me a bit...
  20. Sam Wiltshire

    Bug VBShout Lite Upgrade / uninstall errors

    Hello Guys, Its been a while since updating the forums and as a result of updating the forums i thought it would be a good idea to update my hooks. with a result of updating my VBShout Lite , i can NOT upgrade nor uninstall it to reinstall it , when i go to over write it im hit with a static...