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vBCredits II Deluxe - Product specifications

A fully features points/credits system allowing your members to earn or buy points.
vBCredits II Deluxe
vBCredits II Deluxe is the evolution of the points hack that thousands of vBulletin owners have only been dreaming of. Completely rewritten to incorporate three years of requests and improvements, vBCredits II Deluxe is the pinnacle of simplicity and power for casual activity and serious ecommerce engines alike!
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Complete Feature List

vBCredits Core:


  • Currencies
    • Unlimited concurrent currencies
    • So far ~20 third party currencies detected
    • Wizard for importing found or custom currencies
    • Wizard for transferring found or custom currencies
    • Set rounding and display order
    • Handling for negative and usergroup viewing permissions
  • Users
    • Target any subset for processing, paginated
    • Directly modify amounts and earn/spend permissions
    • Alter mass amounts
    • User links to individual transaction log
    • Recalculate transactions
      • Target any actions over any timespan
      • Prune existing transactions
        • Optional reversal
        • Optional target all time / actions
  • Displays - Modular (with actionsets)
    • Uses template hooks and individual templates
    • Set currencies to display
    • Create additional combination field
    • One click enable/disable
  • Actions - Modular (with actionsets)
    • Supports categories
    • Supports multipliers
      • Includes standardized size option
    • Supports individual forums
    • Supports recalculation
    • Supports reversals
    • Supports verification links
    • Supports ownership entities
    • Supports cancelation
    • Individual applicable settings
  • Events
    • Link action with currency
    • Specify applicable usergroups
    • Best scenario per currency chosen for user
    • Set base amount
    • Earn for any action
      • Supports moderation
    • Mix earn / charge currencies on same action
      • Earning discarded if charging fails
    • For applicable actions
      • Specify applicable forums
      • Specify applicable ownership
      • Set reversal amount
      • Set per multiplier and specify max / min bounds
        • Exclude multiplier amount
        • Exclude full amount
        • Stop action
    • One click enable/disable or global switch
  • Transactions
    • All events recorded and queued for performance
    • Single transaction processed per pageload
      • Optional cron for smaller sites
      • Update Counters function
    • Specify any paginated timespan
    • Drill down by action or user
      • User view allows earn / spend permission and direct amount change
    • Mass moderate or remove, editable notes
  • Administrative
    • Admin permissions
    • Intelligent forms display only relevant functions
    • Uncommon or technical features under Advanced buttons
    • Modular API for free third party use
  • Public
    • Transaction log, similar to admin version
    • Richest users for each currency
    • Universal popup panel for seamless currency transfers


  • Currencies
    • Limit maximum earned over any timespan
    • Set relative value and transfer to/from permissions
  • Users
    • Alter mass amounts with custom formulas based on several stats
  • Events
    • Charge for any action
    • Set base amount with optional random addition
    • Earn for any action
      • Supports award delay
      • Supports award skipping
      • Limit maximum awarded over any timespan
  • Transactions
    • Overall totals with comparisons and bar graphs
      • Groupable by usergroup, forum, and/or action

vBulletin 4 Actionset:


  • Displays
    • Dropdown on secondary row in navbar
    • On postbit under post count
    • On profile in section on about me tab
    • Sortable column on memberlist
  • Actions
    • Give / Get Reputation
    • Give / Get Infraction
    • Posting
    • Threads
    • Tagging
    • Viewing threads
    • Befriending users
    • Give
    • Sending PMs
    • Get referrals
    • Entering usergroups
    • Visiting profiles
    • Polls / voting
    • Rating threads
    • Album images
    • Upload / download attachments
    • Calendar events
    • Adding profile picture / filling out custom fields
    • Static intervals (paychecks)
    • Birthday
    • General activity on intervals
    • Creating / joining social groups
    • Starting discussion
    • Group discussion post

  • Actions
    • Having latest reply
    • Posting in old thread
    • Your threads responded to
    • Thread getting stickied
    • Having your threads viewed
    • Give visitor messages
    • Give referrals
    • Having your profile viewed
    • Having your threads rated
    • Someone downloading your attachments
    • Gaining member to your social group
    • someone starting discussion in your social group
    • someone posting in your group discussion

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