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Took the liberty to convert your User Tagging license from the vB to XF version and updated the expiry date to today, happy to see you on XF :D
dragon byte tech is best add-on company in xenforo! customer service is great! Fillip knows how to run a successful company!

i am happy to give my money to dbtech add-on company!
@truonglv from xenforo say he will create a credits add-on to compete against dbtech,
i signed up to truonglv's website for 1 week now to investigate and see his credits add-on and other add-ons
but he always get angry when i request suggestions and trys to tell me how i should run my forum
he is bad guy and gives bad customer service,
i will not buy his add-ons, my money will not go to truonglv
for now my money will go to dbtech!
since brivium died now.... dbtech is the new king!
hip hip hooray for dragon byte tech!!
I'm trying to see how this works. I'm trying to find something hoping I have the right program.
is eCommerce available for vb or is this just for xenforno
Fillip H.
Fillip H.
Only XenForo 2, there's no plans to bring DragonByte eCommerce to vB or XF1.
chat box for xf 2 when would that become available that is prob my only holdup for going to xf otherwise i would leave vb right away
Hi to all! Is it possible talk with a staffer?
Fillip H.
Fillip H.
If you require support or have a question, please post in the relevant forums as support is not handled via PM.

You don't have a support forum for eCommerce...
Fillip H.
Fillip H.
I don't know what you are talking about I totally did not forget to create a subforum for eCommerce... 😅 Thanks!
If you got an email saying the ticket was closed, there is also a link to re-open the ticket in the email.
That's just it, there is no place to REPLY. There is just a box that says Closed Thread? So am I just to start all over again?

Btw, could you look at my settings, as I don't seem to be getting indications when you reply to a PM -or- a ticket. As such, I'll try to check it for a day or two then wait awhile as I'm assuming we are in different time zones. I did get a notice this morning at 8:42am, that the ticket had been closed though.
I flag tickets whenever I answer them, so that if the user never gets back to me, the ticket goes off my ToDo list.

As per the information on the page, you can simply reply to the thread to re-open the ticket.

It looks like the ticket has been closed and classified as Not a bug by the DBTech Bot. Was it over-zealous in it's action, or does my issue still need to be addressed?

When I looked at the phpMyAdmin LINK in cPanel, it contains a token in the URL. So my guess is, you would have to be logged into my cPanel to use phpMyAdmin to access our database. Anyway, I set you up as a new user with access to our database, but haven't changed our cPanel password just yet.
I'm working on Classifieds at the moment trying to get the version 2 update out as soon as I can. I'll then have a bit more time for sorting out the issues and features you raised. :)
Just came for an update.
Have you started working on the bugs? If so, do you have an ETA when it will be done?

As I said earlier, I will buy when everything has been sorted, as I don't want to pay for 3 months support and not have the issues fixed by then.