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Hi again Fillip,

Creating a new ticket to dig into this through you.

I searched the phrases using the below text.


And I have modified all such phrases like DragonByte Shop and DragonByte Credits to "CT Shop" and "CT Credits" to display my own site name.

Some filters have updated the name as per my requirement. However, I still see DragonByte Shop written to some of the filters and entries in the transactions page.


How can I change this?
As this requires me to dig into code I’ll leave this open and get back to you as soon as I can.
Update: The relevant phrases start with dbtech_credits_eventtrigger_title.shop_
Update: The relevant phrases start with dbtech_credits_eventtrigger_title.shop_

I have already modified those phrases, but they've updated the shopname only in the "event trigger" dropdown field in the filter.

The "event" field and transactions are still named DragonByte Shop for some events. I guess those are some other phrases or hardcoded in some templates?


Before that, please do help me on the other ticket once you are back from holiday.

That "blank sources" on viewed events is making everyone crazy rich.
Hello @sindbad,

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