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A new update is available for DragonByte Donate by DragonByte Technologies.

DragonByte Donate 3.1.0rc6

Update highlights

This update fixes various bugs reported over the past couple weeks. With any luck, this will be the last bugfix update before Gold!

The list of donations when viewing a donation drive had a couple issues; the sort order was wrong, and the link to the second page (& beyond) had not been updated to the new route format in v3.1.

The Purchasable file has had a few updates to fix some incorrect links. When viewing the purchase request in the AdminCP, it would not correctly link to the donation drive, and the return URL that was intended to display a "thank you" message was not correct.

Lastly, in certain scenarios it was possible for the donation drive to generate a server error when attempting to update a user's donated amount. This was caused by not finding a valid user record for the donation (such as guest donations or donations where the user has been deleted).

If you want the full details on the v3.1.0 release, you can check it out here:

Complete Change Log

Fix: Pagination issue on the donation drive page
Fix: Fixed error when updating user amounts for donation without user records
Fix: Fixed sort order on the donation drive page
Fix: Fixed purchasable link
Fix: Fixed purchasable return URL

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