1. K

    Question Remove Comments

    Hello, I'm testing the demo quiz and so far, after a couple hotfixes, it's working fine. I'd like to remove the comments that have been made, how do I go about doing that? I don't see anything on the quiz main page or in the acp to accomplish this. Thanks. Ken
  2. K

    Question vbQuiz Navbar button

    Hi, A few problems. First problem I have is with the link in my nav bar. I can right click and open in new tab or window, and the page works, however, when I simply click on the link nothing happens - the associated dropdown menu doesn't work. Permissions are set. Any ideas? Thanks! I...
  3. V

    Question Quiz widget for CMS

    Hello. How to add a quiz widget for cms?
  4. ClaFV

    Feature Request more visible timer

    When I run a quiz with different questions, the timer remains above the first, so it is not visible and many times I can not finish on time the quiz. it would be possible to have a free float timer at the bottom? I'd like very much this update. Thanks to evaluate my proposal Regards
  5. ClaFV

    Question Scored Quiz Submission Post Type

    OPS I was wrong section. I was referring to the mod. vBQuiz. It's possible move this topic ? I apologize, sorry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the versione PRO The function REPLY in Scored Quiz Submission Post Type not work each...
  6. ClaFV

    Question I do not get the results I get ...

    Hi support, i have the PRO version but, I do not understand these scores My setting I see no difference between Point or Percentual Type Score is Weighted Score what difference with even score ? Quiz Variety - 2 question because with 4 Incorrect - 9 correct = 100% ? Quiz Matching...
  7. ar15dcm

    Question Unable to Select Category/Category not displayed in drop down

    Hello, I am testing VBQuiz and I have successfully installed it. However after creating one category this category and the default category do not show up on the drop down when creating a new quiz. Because I am testing I have only given Admins and Mods access to create or view the quiz etc...
  8. V

    Question How to change button "Take The Quiz!"

    Hi, how to change style button "Take The Quiz" ? How to add a button image? Thanks
  9. M

    Bug Modifying quiz category prevents the editing of quizzes within that category

    If you modify a quiz (example: change the name) by going to Admin > DBTech - vBQuiz > Category Management > Modify (for whichever category) when you go to edit any quiz that is a member of that category you will be unable to do so because the category is no longer in the category drop box...
  10. M

    Bug Facebook integration either doesn't work and/or work as expected

    When clicking "Like" for a quiz the activity feed shows the like as being for the generic No Mutants Allowed - Your Post Nuclear News Center! site itself, rather than the specific quiz. Other vBulletin like features do not function this way, for example if you were to "Like" a specific thread...
  11. B

    Bug Thread created - error

    I made one quiz and thread is created ok ...with info about creator and name of quiz... when i clik on quiz name i get vbulletin error message " We are sorry but the quiz you are trying to reach does not exist. Please speak with the administrator if you feel this is an error." Please some help...
  12. B

    Bug Can not select created categories

    Have same problem what was posted here http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/f93/categories-not-working-13263/ and here http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/f93/cant-select-category-forum-while-creating-quiz-13231/ In my admincp i made few categories and everything is ok with permissions but can not...