1. C

    Bug Hashtags Not Working

    I just installed AUT and mentions work fine, but hashtags don't. Here is a link to hashtags not working - User Tagging & Notification Is Now Enabled On CA Also, In the documentation there's mention of DBTech- User Tagging > Forum Manager. I don't have this feature.
  2. D

    No documentation for dbseo in manuals forum?

    Unable to find documentation for dbseo in manual forum hence question.
  3. blitz21

    Question Need Documentation

    Is there any online documentation for this mod/plugin? The documentation file included in the download is merely a template. - it contains no information. I've searched the dragon-byte site and can't find anything. It would be great to have instructions on how to use this - especially...
  4. M

    Bug Download delay advertising integration doesn't work

    I have some advertising code entered in the vBDownloads configuration area: When attempting to download files however, there is no intermediary window which displays advertising to the end-user. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but it seems like it should work the way it is set up...
  5. B

    Question What are the keywords used for?

    What are the keywords used for? Difference between the different priorities? I can't find any documentation for this feature.
  6. K

    Feature Request payment method

    some websites don't has papal or maybe don't want it and want to use they own peyment method it could be good if use payment customization ability
  7. P

    Question Documentation broken!

    Hi, I just downloaded and installed the latest version of this paid, pro version. I'm fairly disheartened to see the documentation is broken! The documentation.html that came in the .zip file is all sorts of broken. The installation steps have no details, the steps just have the same thing as...
  8. greenlinenshirt

    Question No .htaccess file?

    This might be a dumb question but I don't see any .htaccess file? Where do I get it, or do I have to create it?
  9. F

    Bug rel="nofollow" not looking at whitelist

    I made some code changes to get the whitelist to work correctly. It looks like URL compared is the full URL instead of just the domain. It also looks like the preg_match variables are switched. The following code is working for me: dbtech/dbseo/includes/class_core.php:5552 $url_parts =...
  10. GoodApples

    Question Manual (categories and the tabs)

    Is there a manual for Forum Tabs? I'm trying to figure out the Categories and Tabs. I thought I wanted a Tab for a section of forums but then it appeared that perhaps it need to be a category. I looking to have a tab to the right of the to the default Forums...How do I do this? then a have a...
  11. P

    Question Keep getting error when trying to set up criteria

    Keep getting this error: A required field called typeid is missing or has an invalid value. However, it does not give me an option in the field drop down list... maybe I'm not doing this right...
  12. J

    Bug Code struggles

    I think I've finally taught myself how to use this in the absence of *any* user documentation. :mad: However I may not understand the Code criteria properly. My interpretation of it is that I can give the code I see in the invite section of my settings to someone and they can follow that link...
  13. Z

    Question HElp starting up, im new to vbActivity & Awards

    I am new to vbAwards & Activity and Im confused how to start using it. This is what i see But most of them are blank, I made a category and named it Category1 but i dont know how to set up the rest or get it started? Can anyone help?
  14. mrhawk

    Question don't show any like buttons

    I have installed your mod but don't display, don't work :( any suggestions please?
  15. C

    Question Importing Thanks from VBSEO

    As I was cleaning up old stuff from vb3, I started to delete vbseo (since I now have dbseo). Just after removing the product, it asked me about removing vbseo data from the database and I remembered that the Likes system I was using was vbseo. So I did not opt to remove the data from the...
  16. mrderanged

    Bug Error on Install

    getting an error when trying to install reviews lite. everything seems to be going fine, then it starts upgrading to 1.0.0 It rebuilds the styles and then it comes up with: Invalid SQL (this is huge and it never posts when I paste it in here, so it's in the attached .txt file) MySQL Error...
  17. B

    Permission error when I click on the buy now button

    Dear Support I installed the lite version of classifieds and currently road testing but unable to sort out this permission problem when I click the buy now button. "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page Go Back.." Any ideas which permission setting is causing the problem? Kind...
  18. C

    Bug CMS slider widget script conflict

    I've got an instance of the slider on my forum home which works perfectly along with the parallax javascript (a custom add-in) that I run. However on the CMS page, one or the other slider/parallax fails. I think the only time the parallax script works is when it is using a cached version...and...
  19. D

    Question Adding categories into shops

    I am sorry if this is a dumb question. I've figured how to add items into categories but how do I add the categories into a particular shop? I've had this mod for some time but I'm only now attempting to implement it, so I may have more questions down the road LOL
  20. U

    Question .htaccess

    I didnt use vbseo and today i just brought these awaresome plugin that i wait for very long i not very familar with how the rewrite rule work so is it possible to attach the .htaccess rewritten rule code here for url rewirte ,i read the readme text but was confused