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Add panels showing forum statistics, latest posts, most popular content & more!
InfoPanels allows you to display useful and interesting information in a much more user friendly way, allowing your members to access important areas of the forum, and important information, without having to go through different menu screens.

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Major Features
Welcome Panel: A block above your normal forums, the Welcome Panel provides a range of stats important to your members such as their post count, % of total forum posts they have, new posts, new PMs etc.

Top X Stats: This block lets you see a continuously updated feed of links to the latests posts made by your members, and many other things that users can choose between. This fits perfectly above a Shoutbox, for instance, to give people an easy view of new posts while they chat.

vB Optimise Integration: Further reduce the load from the Top X Stats by integrating InfoPanels with vB Optimise, ensuring that manual refreshes don't cause additional server load.

Complete Feature List

  • Welcome Panel
    • Avatar
    • New Posts since last visit
    • # unread PMs (# total PMs)
    • Forum Stats: Members / Threads / Posts
    • Top Poster
    • Own Posts / Threads
    • # Posts Per Day (# Posts Today)
    • % of forum's total posts
    • Display # Achievements / Medals / Trophies
    • Show 1 line of Latest News (settable in vBulletin Options, movable via {vb:raw show.infopanels_newsticker} (vB4) or $show[infopanels_newsticker] (vB3) within FORUMHOME template)
  • Top X Stats
    • Choose "X"
    • Disable each individual block
    • Set various options per block
    • Create new blocks with different options based on each Block Type
    • User Stats
      • Newest Members
      • Top Posters
      • Top Thread Starters
    • Forum Statistics
      • Newest Replies
      • Most Viewed Threads
  • What's Going On:
    • Separating staff and normal members
      • Ability to turn this off
    • Staff Legend
      • Ability to turn this off
    • Average users registering:
    • Average posts
    • Average threads
    • Average Shouts
  • General:
    • vBOptimise caching
      • Settable Time To Live on the cached statistics


  • Welcome Panel
    • New Posts / Threads / Blogs since last visit
    • Most active in forum x
    • # shouts
    • Activity Level (% To Next Level, # activity Points)
    • Reached #% of Daily / Weekly / Monthly Activity Target
    • Show multiple line of Latest News (settable in vBulletin Options) with fade-out and fade-in between news items
  • Top X Stats
    • Detached Top X Stats
      • Separate "X" limit from main forum
    • User selectable blocks
      • Remembers which blocks the user chose
    • User Stats
      • Top Referrers
      • Top Reputation
      • Top Infraction Points
      • Top Profile Visits
      • Newest Social Groups
      • Highest vBActivity Level
      • Top Shouters
    • Forum Statistics
      • Hottest Threads
      • Hottest Forums
      • Latest Social Group Posts
      • Latest Blog Entries
      • Latest Replies (Subscribed Threads)
  • What's Going On
    • Average vBA Level
    • Average vBA Points
    • Average vBA Daily points
    • Average vBA Weekly points
    • Average vBA Monthly points

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