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Legacy DragonByte Optimise - Product specifications

Reduce the query load on your webserver via advanced caching methods.
DragonByte Optimise
DragonByte Optimise is a professional optimisation mod, aimed at reducing the load on your MySQL database server by caching various query results in one of the multiple cacher types available.
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Overview Feature list Copyright info Releases (14) Discussion

Major Features
Multiple Cache Extensions:
FileCache, Redis (recommended), APCu (recommended), XCache, Memcache, WinCache

Partial Flushing: Some cache extensions support partial flushing of the cache, meaning only changed data gets invalidated.

Defer JavaScript: You can optionally move <script> tags to the bottom of your page, potentially reducing page load times if your forum has a lot of JavaScript running.

Preload CSS Tags: You can optionally enable <link rel="preload"> tags for your CSS files, reducing page load times by prefetching the resources.

Store CSS As Files: You can optionally choose to compress & store CSS as files, potentially reducing page load times and leveraging the browser's cache.

Statistics Logging: Not only can you see the total amount of queries saved on the front page, but XenForo's statistics page also lets you see how many queries were saved on any given day

Complete Feature List


  • Display Version Number
  • Enable Modification
  • Reason For Turning The Modification Off
  • Cache Operator
  • Cache Prefix
  • Cache TTL
  • Cache Data Registry
  • Cache Nodes
  • Cache Forums
  • Cache Threads
  • Cache Posts
  • Cache Profile Posts
  • Cache DragonByte Donate: Top Donators
  • Cache NFLJ Sportsbook: Events
  • Enable Saved Queries Statistics
  • Display Saved Queries Statistics In Sidebar
  • Enable Footer Statistics
  • Enable Deferred JavaScript
  • Deferred JavaScript: Blacklist

System Test
  • Test each different cache extension
  • Display any error messages returned by the extension
  • Tests
    • Connection
    • Store data
    • Fetch data
    • Flush data
  • Displays test results for every cache extension in a tabbed design

Front Page Display
  • Saved Queries

Cached Data
  • Data Registry
  • Nodes
  • Forums
  • Threads
  • Posts
  • Profile Posts

Product Information

XenForo 1.5.3+
DragonByte Technologies
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Professional Installation