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Due to the successful closed beta period for DragonByte Avatars, we feel confident enough that vBSignatures' sister product can be released as DragonByte Signatures v0.9.0 Beta for xenForo as a Beta for Pro customers!

For those of you unfamiliar with its sister product, vBSignatures, here's a run-down:

DragonByte Signatures lets your members create a custom signature for themselves, using effects and signature parts purchased from a shop.

It can be a lot of fun to customise a signature without having to open and/or learn Photoshop. DragonByte Signatures brings this to your xenForo forum, with a powerful image creation system that lets members preview and purchase a number of different signature parts as well as other cool effects, like a zodiac sign.

DragonByte Signatures v0.9.0-beta:

  • Create Signature Styles that lets you use custom images to completely transfer the look of signatures, yet still support the built-in signatures
  • Signature Part categories with display order and permissions
  • Signature Parts with display order and permissions, tied to Signature Style
  • Text Regions with pixel-perfect display control, font / colour / size / style / length change, tied to Signature Style
  • Points per Post
  • Points per Thread
  • Price each signature part individually, 0 to make them available to everybody
  • Option to display DragonByte Signatures above the normal signatures in the Postbit
  • Purchase new signature parts
  • Inventory system that manages and updates the signature picture
  • Preview signature in shop (with "PREVIEW" overlay to prevent circumventing the system)
  • Preview signature in inventory (without overlay)
  • Display available points in the DragonByte Signatures side menu
  • ---
  • Mass Add Points
  • Add new layers for signature parts
  • Add new fonts for signature text regions
  • Ability to let users choose between fonts
  • Change the order in which signature parts are applied to the final signature image
  • Ability to change points source to integrate with points mods
  • Ability to change the size of the final signature (only if you use exclusively custom signature parts, not a "scaling" feature!)

You can read all the product info here: DragonByte Signatures

Thanks all for your continued support

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