Allow your members to download files or upload content to be shared.

vBDownloads is an advanced downloads repository for storing downloadable content on your vBulletin forum.

Average customer rating: Product downloaded over 3,629 times.

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vBDownloads is an advanced downloads repository for storing downloadable content on your vBulletin forum.

NOTE: Certain features of vBDownloads PRO requires the Zip Extension to be enabled in PHP.

vBDownloads is an advanced downloads repository for storing downloadable content on your vBulletin forum, be it games, pictures, videos, etc.

Major Features:

Searchable Downloads: Search downloads by title, description, author, or a combination of the above.

Importer: vBDownloads currently supports importing from DownloadsII.

Favourite Downloads: Got a download you like? vBDownloads will allow you to easily add it to your favourites list.

Multiple File Downloads: vBDownloads allows you to upload multiple files within one download stopping the need to create 20 different downloads for one thing.

Moderation: vBDownloads comes with its own moderation control panel. This will allow you to easily moderate new files and reports.

Extra Pro Features:
Download All Files: This will allow you to easily download all files in a download at the click of a button. These will be added to a zip and returned to you in seconds.

File Ratings: File ratings will allow users to easily separate the good content from the bad.

Downloads Per Day: This feature will allow you to control the number of files and add a limit to the size of downloads users are allowed to download per day.

Private Downloads: This feature will allow you to control who can access a download on a per user basis and allow you to password-protect downloads.

Complete Feature List

System Information
  • Whether the mod is active
  • Total bandwidth usage
  • Monthly bandwidth usage
  • Number of uploaded files
  • Value of php.ini's maximum execution time
  • vBDownloads' version number
  • Number of MBs of disk space all files use
  • Number of MBs of disk space this month's files use
  • Value of php.ini's maximum upload size
  • Value of php.ini's memory limit

  • Group extensions together into Extension Groups
  • Define extension
  • Define MIME Type
  • Define maximum file size
  • Define Max Width / Max Height (only applies to images)

  • Define Title / Description
  • Set display order
  • Choose category image
  • Choose extension groups valid for this category
  • Automatically place new files in moderation queue
  • Per-usergroup Can View Category permission
  • Per-usergroup Can Download Files permission
  • Per-usergroup Can Upload Files permission

Import Utility
  • Import from DownloadsII
  • Preserves all important data
  • Avoids duplicate imports

  • Toggle displaying version number
  • Turn vBDownloads on/off
  • Reason for turning vBDownloads off
  • Welcome Notice for the homescreen
  • Storage path for uploads
  • Custom name for the main .php file
  • Maximum files per download
  • Minimum posts to download
  • Download description preview length
  • Enable/Disable Favourites system
  • Enable/Disable Comments system
  • Enable/Disable Mirrors system
  • File Reporting Reasons
  • Comment Reporting Reasons
  • Mirror Reporting Reasons

Usergroup Permissions
  • Downloads Manager, bypasses certain restrictions
  • Can View vBDownloads
  • Can Download
  • Can Upload
  • Can Favourite
  • Can Comment
  • Download Delay (in seconds)

Home Page
  • Display welcome message
  • Search downloads by title, description, author or any combination of the above
  • Category list in the same style as Forums are listed on Forum Home
  • Display number of files and number of downloads per category
  • Display latest download per category
  • Sub-categories in the same style as sub-forums
  • Sidebar block: Total files and total downloads
  • Sidebar block: Recent files, changes based on what category you're browsing
  • Sidebar block: Top downloads, changes based on what category you're browsing

  • jQuery-powered upload script
  • Works with big files
  • No Flash plugins required
  • Progress bars on uploads
  • Display file sizes in-line
  • Quick deletion of files
  • Toggle which files are screenshots

Download Page
  • Thumbnail
  • Edit / delete file
  • Send file to moderation queue
  • Add to favourites
  • Add a comment
  • Basic file information: Author, Last Updated, Category and Total Downloads
  • File List w/ number of downloads
  • Mirror List w/ number of hits
  • "More From This User" block with thumbnails of other downloads by this user
  • Full description
  • Paginated comments list
  • Edit/Delete comments
  • Password entry page if the download is password protected
  • Download delay page when downloading files if applicable

Favourites List
  • Paginated display of downloads added to favourites
  • Same style as search results

  • Tabbed interface for Moderation Queue / Reports
  • Ability to take no action, approve and deny moderation queue entries
  • Ability to take no action, dismiss or delete reported entries


Mirror Link Images
  • Define replacement domains
  • Set what image to show instead of direct link to mirror

  • Allow private downloads
  • Allow password protected downloads
  • Category Parent
  • Choose forum to announce new downloads in

  • Download delay page advertisement
  • Path to importable files
  • Enable/Disable [DBTech] vBShout integration
  • Enable/Disable Rating system
  • Enable/Disable ability to download all files as zip
  • Zip filename prefix
  • Post To Thread: Title
  • Post To Thread: Message

Usergroup Permissions
  • Maximum downloads per day
  • Maximum downloads size per day
  • Can Rate Downloads
  • Can Create Category
  • Can Import Files

Home Page
  • Sidebar block: Highest rated, changes based on what category you're browsing

Download Page
  • Rate the download +1/-1
  • "Download All Files" button
  • Display advertisement on downloads delay page

Manage Categories
  • Allows users with the necessary permissions to manage categories via front-end
  • Download Managers can edit all Category settings
  • Non-Managers see their categories added to moderation queue

Import Files
  • Allows users with the necessary permissions to import files from the filesystem
  • Pre-defined path or custom path
  • Imported files aren't copied or moved
  • Ability to skip or re-import files
  • Per-file category assignment
  • Per-file download title
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • v2.4.10 - 5th September 2016, 22:39
    Change: Updated the Chart JS code used in the Bandwidth Usage Statistics
  • v2.4.9 - 19th April 2016, 01:03
    Changed Features:
    • jQuery is now only loaded if an existing library is not found
    • JavaScript has been moved to the footer for improved page load speed and performance
  • 2.4.8 Patch Level 2 - 29th March 2016, 00:52
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where deleting an extension group would not work as intended
  • 2.4.8 Patch Level 1 - 5th January 2016, 00:49
    Bug Fixes:
    • The file download link could return an error or a blank page in certain scenarios
  • v2.4.8 - 21st July 2015, 00:44
    Changes To Existing Features:

    Sidebar Blocks
    • Renamed the "Recent Files" block to "New Downloads"

    New Features:
    • Added "Recently Updated Downloads" block
    • Displayed under the "New Downloads" block
    • (vB4) Fully collapsible similar to other blocks
  • v2.4.7 - 5th May 2015, 00:41
    Changes To Existing Features:

    Bandwidth Usage Report: Graph
    • Updated ChartJS code to improve the Y-axis display of the graph

    Bug Fixes
    • Comparison data could sometimes cause the Line Graph to go out of bounds
    • Number formatting on the Y-axis and the tooltip would not work across all browsers
  • v2.4.6 - 27th April 2015, 21:44
    New Features:

    Bandwidth Usage Graph
    • Displayed on System Information page
    • Shows daily bandwidth usage from the past 30 days
  • v2.4.5 - 1st January 1970, 01:00
    New Features:

    Bot Filters
    • Download links are now rel="nofollow"
    • If DBSEO is installed, spiders are now disallowed from downloading files

    Bug Fixes:
    • DBSEO's rewritten download titles should now be more compliant
  • 2.4.4 Patch Level 3 - 24th March 2015, 00:02
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where editing a download would reset the hit counter on mirror links
  • 2.4.4 Patch Level 2 - 16th February 2015, 22:33
    Bug Fixes:
    • It should now once again be possible to download files from deleted users
  • 2.4.4 Patch Level 1 - 27th January 2015, 00:34
    Changes To Existing Features:

    • The "Last Updated" column should now only increment when the download has received actual updates

    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved multiple issues with the new notification system
  • v2.4.4 - 19th January 2015, 20:58
    New Features:

    Forum Notifications
    • Adding a download to favourites sends a notification when it's been updated
    • Uses vBulletin's notification system
    • Also works with vBNotifications

    Bug Fixes:
    • (Pro) Threads for downloads are now only posted when a file is not under moderation
  • v2.4.3 - 10th November 2014, 23:02
    New Features:

    DownloadsII Importer
    • Now also imports the thumbnail images
    • Now imports files with the original file name, as opposed to the one prefixed with the file ID

    Bug Fixes:
    • Date stamps in the Download Log now works as intended
  • v2.4.2 - 20th October 2014, 22:37
    New Features:

    DownloadsII Importer
    • Now supports the vB3 version of DownloadsII (5.1.2)
    • Detected separately from the vB4 version
    • Stores imported IDs for easy redirection

    DownloadsII 301 Redirects
    • A new file in the do_not_upload folder can be placed in the forum directory in place of the DownloadsII php file
    • Detects old Category/File requests and redirects them to vBDownloads
    • 301 redirects preserve your SEO even after importing

    Bug Fixes:
    • (vB3) The navbar tab would not correctly disable itself when the product was turned off
  • v2.4.1 - 29th September 2014, 18:14
    New Features:

    (Pro) Prune .zip Files
    • Files left over from the "Download All Files" functionality is now pruned after 24 hours
    • Runs at 5 AM (server time) to minimise forum impact

    Downloads Delay Page
    • This page now shows the full UI from the main Downloads page, including proper breadcrumbs in the navbar
    • Replaces the File List and Mirror List with the delay information & advertisement
    • Helps improve visitor retention after a file has been downloaded

    Changes To Existing Features:

    Description Previews
    • BBCode no longer displays in the "trimmed" download description previews (Category Browser, Search Results, Profile tab)
  • v2.4.0 - 8th September 2014, 23:14
    New Features:

    (Pro) Maximum Uploads Permissions
    • Configure an optional maximum upload count per day
    • Configure an optional maximum upload size amount per day
    • Resets automatically at midnight

    Download Log
    • Browseable download log of who downloaded each file and when
    • Can also be searched via multiple advanced search filters
    • Same style as vBulletin's Control Panel logs
  • 2.3.2 Patch Level 1 - 1st September 2014, 23:18
    Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
    • Fixed downloading a file updating its parent's "last edited" flag
    • Newly added downloads should no longer have an invalid date stamp in the category browser
  • v2.3.2 - 4th August 2014, 22:23
    Changes To Existing Features:

    Thumbnail Serving
    • Thumbnails are now served as static image files, rather than dynamically generated via PHP
    • Provides a performance boost in category view
    • Alleviates browser caching
    • Automatically re-generates when the download is updated or files are changed

    Thumbnail / Screenshot Settings
    • Image files can now be both thumbnail and screenshot

    File Counters
    • Screenshots and thumbnails are no longer counted
    • Provides a much more accurate representation of the number of files

    "Latest Downloads" Displays
    • Separate "Uploaded" and "Last Updated" date stamps
    • Provides a much more accurate representation of the download's date
  • v2.3.1 - 21st July 2014, 21:47
    New Features:

    (Pro) Quick Permissions Setup
    • Accessible from the Manage Categories list
    • Apply permissions to all categories quicky
    • Select what usergroups should have these category permissions

    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios, the "user" column did not get altered correctly, leading to a defunct downloads page
  • v2.3.0 - 14th July 2014, 19:20
    New Features:

    (Pro) Per-Category Sort Order
    • Configurable in the Category Management screen
    • Choose between five sorting options:
      • Uploader's Username
      • Title
      • Total Downloads
      • Number of Files
      • Upload Date

    Default Category Sort Order
    • Configurable in the vBulletin Options
    • Choose between five sorting options:
      • Uploader's Username
      • Title
      • Total Downloads
      • Number of Files
      • Upload Date

    [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like Integration
    • Buttons integrated in the Download Information area
    • Works in the same way other integration options do
    • Controlled via vBulletin Options for the APTL mod

    Postbit Statistics
    • Display "Downloaded" amount
    • Controllable via vBulletin Options
    • Can be integrated into Postbit Tabs
  • v2.2.4 - 8th July 2014, 00:03
    New Features:

    Change Download Owner
    • Edit a download in the front-end to change its associated owner
    • Accessible to Managers only
    • Allows staff to upload on a user's behalf
  • v2.2.3 - 17th June 2014, 00:24
    New Features:

    Referer Checks on Downloads
    • Toggle-able in the vBulletin Options (defaults to off)
    • Makes sure everyone must visit your site's download page to download your files
    • Saves bandwidth and increases ad revenue for sites with guest downloads available
  • v2.2.2 - 31st March 2014, 19:03
    New Features:

    Automatic Comment Linking
    • Displays a link to the comment thread, if one is generated, in the download info
    • Works with DragonByte SEO
    • Works with DownloadsII importer

  • v2.2.1 - 17th March 2014, 21:24
    New Features:

    Guest Notice
    • Displays a notice for guests that can't download files
    • Points the guest towards the registration page
    • Increases guest to member conversion rate

    Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
    • DragonByte SEO rewritten URLs should now once again append the -a suffix
  • 2.2.0 Patch Level 2 - 3rd March 2014, 22:25
    Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
    • "Downloads" and "Categories" in the DBSEO Sitemap should now be generated correctly
  • 2.2.0 Patch Level 1 - 23rd December 2013, 21:35
    Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
    • "Downloads" in the DBSEO Sitemap should now be generated correctly
    • The DBSEO Sitemap generation notification email should now contain the correct phrases for Download URLs and Category URLs
  • v2.2.0 - 9th December 2013, 19:56
    New Features Added

    DragonByte SEO Support
    • Supports DragonByte SEO URL generation
    • The following URL formats are supported
      • vBDownloads Main Page
      • Category
      • Category (Paged)
      • Download
      • Download (Paged)
      • File
      • Screenshot
      • Thumbnail
      • Favourites
      • ModCP

    Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
    • Browsing a top-level category would display an invalid breadcrumb
    • Removed a defunct checkbox from the upload interface
  • 2.1.3 Patch Level 1 - 25th November 2013, 23:28
    Fixed: The "Downloads Per Day" limit should now be working as intended
  • v2.1.3 - 11th November 2013, 16:08
    Feature: It is now possible to download large files without needing to up the PHP Memory Limit
  • v2.1.2 - 4th November 2013, 23:22
    Fix: Filenames with UTF-8 characters should now display properly in the download listings
    (Pro) Known Unfixable Issue: UTF-8 filenames won't work in .zip files due to a bug in the Zip Library for PHP
  • v2.1.1 - 1st January 1970, 01:00
    vB Optimise Integration
    • Support for vB Optimise to cache the Member Profile tab

  • 2.1.0 Patch Level 1 - 9th August 2013, 14:15
    (Pro) Change: "Private Users" are now delimited by a semicolon ( ; ) instead of a comma ( , ) as it is possible for usernames to contain commas causing the feature to not work as expected
    Change: The Downloads II importer will now print output on the page when importing downloads & files.
    Fix: The Downloads II importer will now more reliably import downloads from users that no longer exist
    Fix: The Downloads II importer will now deal with link-only downloads better
    Fix: The Downloads II importer will no longer print PHP warning messages if the physical source file has been deleted
    Fix: Increased reliability of uploads for users who are not logged in with "Remember Me" and upload large files or leave the page for extended periods of time
    Fix: Users who have been deleted / imported downloads from missing users should no longer see their downloads disappear from the various areas of vBDownloads
  • v2.1.0 - 26th April 2013, 23:05
    (Pro) Who's Online Display
    • Displays users / guests browsing vBDownloads
    • Uses same HTML/CSS as forum home's "What's Going On" box
    • Displays full markup username
    • Can be turned off via vBulletin Options

    (Pro) vBDownloads Statistics Display
    • Displays total number of downloads
    • Displays total number of files
    • Displays total bandwidth usage
    • Displays total storage space usage
    • Uses same HTML/CSS as forum home's "Forum Statistics" box
    • Can be turned off via vBulletin Options

    (Pro) Per-Usergroup "Minimum Posts" Bypass
    • Ability to bypass the "Minimum Posts" setting per-usergroup
    • Perfect for donator / VIP usergroups
    • Toggled via Usergroup Manager

    Thumbnail Generation Improvements
    • Ability to choose which image to use for thumbnail generation
    • A physical thumbnail image will be generated when one is requested
    • Saves bandwidth / decreases load time vs. using full image resized

    Category Aware Search
    • Choose to restrict search to currently viewed category
    • Only available when browsing a category
    • Perfect for searching through a large downloads database for less unique keywords

    Fix: When viewing a child category, the sidebar did not correctly read files from that category's child categories.
  • v2.0.4 - 19th April 2013, 20:47
    Fix: Fixed an issue in which files would be downloaded as 0-byte files in certain circumstances
  • v2.0.3 - 12th April 2013, 19:56
    Fix: Files uploaded by guests were inaccessible
    Fix: Extension limitations per category did not work in some scenarios
  • v2.0.2 - 29th March 2013, 21:43
    Feature: Improved logging details for Control Panel actions
    Fix: Fixed uploads with capitalised filenames not showing thumbnails
    Fix: Missing phrase to file uploads added
  • 2.0.1 - 22nd March 2013, 23:43
    Feature: The "More From This User" block now has a configurable setting for how many items are displayed
  • 2.0.0 Gold - 15th March 2013, 21:22
    Feature: Added a "Move Files To" dialogue option to the category deletion interface
    Fix: The category deletion interface did not display the "Are you sure" text correctly
  • 2.0.0 Beta 2 - 23rd February 2013, 01:22
    Fix: A fresh install would display a PHP error on the front page of vBDownloads if category permissions were not set yet
    Fix: A usergroup permission was lacking its phrase
  • 2.0.0 Beta 1 - 8th February 2013, 16:09
    Feature (Pro): Categories can now have an Owner that, with a specific usergroup permission, can manage it via the Front-end
    Feature (Pro): A category can now be under moderation - categories edited in the front-end are flagged as needing moderation
    Feature (Pro): A category can now be under moderation - categories edited in the front-end are flagged as needing moderation
    Feature (Pro): Mirror links can now be replaced by an image via the Manage Domains interface in the AdminCP
    Feature (Pro): Files can now be imported from a path in the file system via the front-end by users with a specific usergroup permission
    Feature: Mirror links now display the number of hits they've received (starting after installing v2.0.0)
  • 1.4.0 Beta 4 - 5th February 2013, 16:07
    Feature: Sidebar will now also display files / file statistics from child categories while browsing a child category, to bring it more in line with the rest of the mod
    Change: The sub-category list on the Category Browser will now use the same comma separation as vBulletin sub-forums on Forum Home
    Fix: Category exclusion wasn't working properly while modifying downloads
    Fix: You were unable to add new categories in the AdminCP
    Fix: The DownloadsII importer did not correctly update the "Files" statistic for downloads imported
  • 1.4.0 Beta 3 - 25th January 2013, 23:44
    Feature: Downloads Managers now has a one-click link to manage a download's Moderated status when viewing downloads
    Feature: The ModCP is once again functional, allowing you to approve moderated downloads as well as delete reported comments from one handy location
    Feature: Auto-moderation of new files is once again functional
    Feature: Thumbnails & screenshots should now be more resistant to over-zealous browser caches. Download thumbnails will re-generate if the number of files in the download changes.
    Feature: The profile tab is once again viewable, now with an improved display of downloads that match the rest of the product
    Feature: You can now re-arrange the display order of categories in the AdminCP
    Feature: Added compatibility layer for old vBDownloads thread links
    Feature: You can now choose the preview length for download descriptions
    Change: Changed default category description on creation
    Change: Download description in the Category Browser is now truncated
    Change: Download description in the Search Results is now truncated
    Change: Download description in the Favourites is now truncated
    Change: The "Comments" tab is now hidden on downloads if there's no comments yet
    Change: Changed the breadcrumbs on the Category Browser to have "vBDownloads" as their root element for consistency
    Fix: Deleting a download will now correctly delete its files from the database and the file system
    Fix: Corrected multiple links to downloads / files / image sources for thumbnails & screenshots not working correctly for users not using "Remember Me" to stay logged in
    Fix: Sidebar gradients were missing for forums without vBShop installed
    Fix: In some rare cases, the default state for the favourite link would be "Remove from favourites"
    Fix: Regular users (other than the uploader) could not comment on a download
    Fix: Phrase for "You do not have permission to modify this comment" didn't exist
    Fix: Internet Explorer would be stuck in an infinite redirect loop if the Download Delay was enabled
    Fix: Vertical alignment of the rating images for downloads not yet rated is now in-line with the text
    Fix: Fixed missing download IDs in thread links for newly created downloads
    Fix: Category Browser showed incorrect data when viewing a category's child categories
    Fix: Cron job produced "Missing argument" error
    Fix: Database error on category deletion
    Fix: Uncached templates on Category Browser
    Fix: Negative rating had a double minus on the View Download page
    Fix: Navbar not showing up on vBulletin versions < 4.2
    Fix: Removed defunct plugins
    Fix: Removed defunct templates
  • 1.4.0 Beta 2 - 20th January 2013, 01:53
    Feature: Deactivating vBDownloads in the AdminCP vBulletin Options now allows you to set a Closed Reason message
    Change: 18 permissions checking error messages that legitimate, non-exploiting users will never see now have more descriptive error messages
    Fix: The Edit / Delete links for comments would not show up for comments that did not belong to the viewing user, even if the viewing user was a Downloads Manager
    Fix: The screenshots display can now line wrap, fixing glitches with narrow skins that have more than a couple of screenshots
    Fix: The upload script is now more tolerant to aborted and resumed upgrades from v1.3.8.
    Fix: The Branding was accidentally made global, it's only intended to display in vBDownloads itself
  • 1.4.0 Beta 1 - 19th January 2013, 05:52
    Home Page
    • Feature: The Search engine has been improved to now also allow you to search by description
    • Feature: The Sidebar widgets now display on all vBDownloads pages
    • Change: The Category list has been improved to more closely resemble the Forum list in vBulletin
    • Change: The Recent Files, Top Downloads and Highest Rated widgets now change based on what category you're browsing
    • Fix: The Search engine should now correctly limit the results based on your input

    • Change: The Favourites list now uses the same templates to display its results as the Search Results, leading to a more consistent experience

    Category Browser
    • Feature: The navbar now displays the full breadcrumb path back to the home page, traversing parent categories
    • Feature: The Search engine now follows you around as you browse categories, in case you give up trying to find what you're looking for manually
    • Change: The Child Categories list has been improved to more closely resemble the Forum list in vBulletin
    • Change: The File list now uses the same templates to display its results as the Search Results, leading to a more consistent experience
    • Change: The download's thumbnail is now generated via a new and more intelligent method that chooses a screenshot if available, and if not, the first image in the list of files

    File Browser
    • Feature: The navbar now displays the full breadcrumb path back to the home page, traversing parent categories
    • Feature: File deletion is now fully AJAX'd
    • Feature: Adding a comment now loads a new page with the full editor
    • Change: The comments "postbit" now more closely resembles the vB Blog "postbit" (also found in our [DBTech] DragonByte Gallery modification by Dylan)
    • Change: The "More From This User" now uses the same style as the file title for consistency
    • Change: The download's thumbnail is now generated via a new and more intelligent method that chooses a screenshot if available, and if not, the first image in the list of files
    • Change: (Pro) Downloading a zip of all included files now correctly increments the total downloads counter (one for each file included in the .zip)
    • Change: (Pro) Downloading a zip of all included files now measures the uncompressed file sizes against the user's daily usage limits
    • Fix: The download counter should now work correctly in all cases
    • Fix: (Pro) Entering a download's password should no longer rarely send the user into a never-ending redirect loop
    • Fix: (Pro) Refreshing the page while the user is waiting for the download delay no longer restarts the countdown unless they refresh again.

    • Feature: A new, shiny uploader based on BlueImp's jQuery File Uploader has replaced the old uploader.
      This uploader has advanced features such as measuring network speed, ETAs and of course, progress bars.
      Fully AJAX'd and powered by jQuery UI, this uploader also lets you manage your existing files, deleting them with a single click.
      You are also able to abort a currently in-progress upload without reloading the whole page.
      Any existing themes made for jQuery UI will also work to style this uploader - more themes will be selectable in the future.
    • Change: The "Category", "Mirrors", "Private Users" (Pro) and "Password Protection (Pro) input areas now use the same UI style for consistency
    • Change: The "Password Protection" (Pro) input area no longer requires you to re-enter your password every time you modify the download
    • Change: The "Extension Information" table has been brought inside the main content area, and is now placed underneath the file management area

    AdminCP: System Information
    • Feature: Storage Space Usage - the ability to see the total amount of space taken up by all your files combined
    • Feature: Monthly Storage Space Usage - the ability to see the total amount of space taken up by files uploaded in the current month
    • Feature: Bandwidth Usage - the ability to see the total amount of bandwidth taken up by users downloading your files (since v1.4.0 was installed)
    • Feature: Monthly Bandwidth Usage - the ability to see the total amount of bandwidth taken up by users downloading your files in the current month (since v1.4.0 was installed)

    AdminCP: Extensions
    • Fix: Fixed a bug with the MIME type field being too small to store the correct MIME type for certain file extensions

    AdminCP: Modules
    • Change: Removed this entire area, converted into Usergroup Permissions for maximum compatibility with vBulletin & mods that alter usergroup permissions such as [DBTech] vBShop

    AdminCP: Import Utility
    • Change: Removed a slew of unnecessary steps
    • Fix: No longer shows an empty header if you have no importable products

    General / Other
    • Change: The entire code base has been rewritten from scratch to allow us to more easily add new features and fix bugs

At a glance

Supports: vBulletin 3.8.x vBulletin 4.x.x

Version: v2.4.10
Release date: 5th September 2016

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