Forumon RPG

Pokemon inspired RPG creation system with billions of creatable monster combinations.

Forumon is an advanced Pet/Monster based RPG with a unique battle system and billions of possible monster combinations.

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Forumon is an advanced Pet/Monster based RPG with a unique battle system and billions of possible monster combinations.

Forumon is an advanced Pet/Monster based RPG with a unique battle system and billions of possible monster combinations.

Lite Feature List:

Advanced Battle System: A battle system more advanced than any ever before seen on a forum RPG. Incorporating tactical elements such as movement distance and Action Points, as well as a vast array of different attacks, including ideal ranges, ineffective ranges and different Action Point costs, as well as Focus/Stamina costs and boosts from other stats.

Monster Breeding: A breeding system which allows players to choose their own monsters, from feet up to head, including a choice of any hex colour for each part! Basic breeding allows players to safely create above average monsters.

Super Fine Control: Fine tune the EXP players get with our variety of user-friendly options which do not sacrifice depth. Create many areas for players to do battle in, and create the exact monsters you wish them to face.

Gotta Catch em All: Players are able to capture monsters and use them in battle, or use them to breed super powerful combination monsters!

Items: Provide your monsters with a boost to their stats with usable items that can be dropped from enemy monsters.

Extra Pro Features:
Special Monster Breeding: Use special breeding to create potentially incredible specimens, but resulting in the death of both parents!

Unlimited Possibilities: A monster combination system so in depth that with the addon pack installed it gives over HALF A GOOGOL of potential combinations & colours.

Configurable Monster Roster Size: Control just how many monsters a player can have in their roster via the settings.

Mass Add Enemies: Allows you to quickly create a large number of enemies to spawn in a certain area of your choosing.

Import / Export Data: Created an awesome game you want to give to a friend, or sell for money? With the Import / Export feature, sharing your game is easier than ever.

Complete Feature List

  • Front-End
    • General
      • Dynamic context menu offering you menu choices
      • List of your monster stables
    • Profile
      • List of monsters
      • Choose active monster
      • Choose your starter monster
      • Breed your monsters
        • Requires 2 monsters you're not using as your active monster
        • Create new, more powerful monsters from breeding
    • Healer
      • Heals your monster stables to full health
    • World Map
      • Modern map point selection or list-based view
      • Choose an area to visit
      • Areas
        • Hunt for enemies
          • Modern AJAX-based battle system
          • Detailed information about all your available battle actions
          • Grid-based combat
          • Combat log
          • Advanced AI
  • AdminCP
    • General
      • Separated from vBulletin AdminCP in order to facilitate non-admins as RPG Game Masters.
      • Fully permission based
    • Main Settings
      • Control all settings
      • Import / Export Data
      • Repair Cache
    • Users
      • Search for, edit and delete player's monsters
    • Difficulty Settings
      • Create, edit and delete various types of difficulty settings to fine-tune the EXP rewards from enemy monsters.
    • Moves
      • Create, edit and delete various moves, each with fine-tuned cost and damage done.
    • Species
      • Create, edit and delete various species of monsters, allowing great control over their development.
    • Items
      • Create, edit and delete various items, and add them to monsters' loot tables.
    • Enemies
      • Create, edit and delete various enemy monsters, and place them in your created areas.
    • Starter Monsters
      • Create, edit and delete specific monsters that your members can choose from at the start of their journey in Forumon RPG.
    • Map Legends
      • Create, edit and delete map legend icons that'll be displayed on the World Map.
    • Areas
      • Create, edit and delete various areas where you can put monsters that players can hunt for.
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  • v1.0.11pl1 - 1st January 1970, 01:00
    Fix: vBShout integration has been updated to the API of the latest version of vBShout
    Fix: vBShout integration will no longer create multiple different instances of the "Forumon Chat" instance even if integration is disabled and re-enabled later
  • v1.0.11 - 12th April 2013, 20:06
    Fix: Fixed an issue with generating monster images
    Fix: Fixed an issue in which enemies would not have their images generated when editing and saving them with no changes if the image did not exist (i.e. a fresh install)
  • v1.0.10 - 29th March 2013, 19:37
    Feature: Improved logging details for Control Panel actions
    Fix: Fixed a Strict Standards error in the Cache class
    Fix: Fixed a potential issue with building monsters in which the path to the image parts could be incorrect

At a glance

Supports: vBulletin 3.8.x vBulletin 4.x.x

Version: v1.0.11pl1
Release date: 10th March 2014

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