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Add fully featured chatrooms to your site. Plus notifications for new threads & more.

DragonByte Technologies are proud to present Dragonbyte Shout v7: The most advanced, most feature-rich and most professional Shoutbox ever.

Average customer rating: Product downloaded over 2,406 times.

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DragonByte Technologies are proud to present DragonByte Shout v7: The most advanced, most feature-rich and most professional Shoutbox ever.

DragonByte Shout is the ideal way to keep members on your forum while they wait for replies to their posts. It can be used in many ways - as a chat room for members, for staff to discuss issues in realtime, as a live-update feed of new posts and threads, as a way to track member milestones... Best of all, you can have multiple boxes in use for multple purposes!
Major Lite Features

Advanced Shout Control: You have the ability to post shouts, edit your shouts, PM shouts to other users, Ignore other users, insert /Me commands, insert smilies, Bbcode, change font, text colour etc.

Advanced Staff Control: Give your staff members customised permissions to allow them to do certain actions, on all or selected instances and chat rooms. Permissions include: Silencing users, banning users, editing user shouts, Creating/Editing "Sticky Notices", Pruning shouts and much more.

Resource Optimisation: DragonByte Shout implements an Advanced Optimisation Protocol to save your forum resources. Enabling this will further reduce the amount of resources consumed by the shoutbox. AOP was originally featured in Inferno vBShout, and DragonByte Shout takes it to the next level by ensuring that all your chats are always up-to-date without taking up needless amount of resources.

Customisable New Post / Thread Notifications: Allows you to make the shoutbox post when a new thread is created, or a new post is made. You can make this happen with all threads (Which will take user permissions into account) or only threads/posts from certain forums.

Shoutbox Tabs: New PM's or User Chat Rooms create Tabs. Tabs will highlight to let you know something new has happened, and you can even set them to make sounds to alert you.

Active Users Shout-bit: Shows the users active in the tab/instance you are, with the option to view everyone who can enter/exit the room at will (and thus see any shouts posted) in a pop-up to save resources. Perfect for seeing what's going on and who's around at a glance.

Context Menus: Many places now make use of context menus – less having to remember /commands, one click access to the most useful and commonly used functions, and the ability for users to access their shoutbox settings directly from the shoutbox itself.

Custom Chat Rooms: Your users can now set up their own Chat-Tabs, where they get to set who can come and chat. Perfect for clubs, guilds etc. Admins can also create permanent Chat rooms for specific usergroups etc. – perfect for a staff only chat room for instance, or to reward loyal members!

Custom Shoutbox Instances: Ever wanted a separate shoutbox just for your admin forum? Got a part of your board only for VIP members? Now you can set a shoutbox specific to those areas.

Shoutbox Sounds: You asked for it, we delivered. Customisable sounds now available on receiving shouts, Invites, PM's and more. (Requires QuickTime Plugin)

Archive: View all the shouts posted since the last pruning, Also shows you the top X shouters, a variety of interesting and useful shoutbox statistics, and allows you to search previous shouts.

Logging: Worried about staff members pruning the shoutbox to cover their tracks? Don't worry, with our advanced logging options, you can make sure a hard copy is kept of every action taken.

Revamped Thread / Reply Notices: Do you have a massive board with 100+ forums? With the revamped New Thread / Reply Notices page, you can edit exactly what forums show what notices in what instance all from one page.

Downloadable Shoutbox Archives: You and your shoutbox admins can download a complete dump of the Shoutbox' archive for all instances. With 3 supported formats (tab-delimited CSV, XML and TXT), there's something for everyone whether your purpose is review or programming.

Easy Shoutbox Notice Editing: You and usergroups with the "Can Set Sticky" permission can now edit the notice by double-clicking the Sticky in the shoutbox. Quickly fix typos or rapidly update with new turn of events, editing it is never more than two clicks away.

Professional Only benefits:

Ignore List: Allows users to keep track of who they are ignoring, and control this option via a list.

Extra Tab Options: The ability to set separate tabs for system notifications and notices is available in the PRO version, fantastic for keeping your chat tab uncluttered.

Detach Shoutbox: Lets you and your users have the shoutbox open in a seperate browser window/tab for easier use etc.

Additional Moderation Commands: The ability to add/edit the sticky notice through the shoutbox.

Extended Instance Options: Allows you to have separate notices per instance, set usergroup settings for individual instances, and even set unique staff permissions for each individual instance.

Expanded Context Menus: Lets your member/staff use the context menu to add/update the sticky note, Ban and Unban users, Ignore/Unignore users and prune individual user shouts.

Personal User Shoutbox Options: Integrated with User CP, User gets to decide which things show on their shoutbox, PM's, notifications etc. Even what editor options show up for them. They also get to decide where their text input area goes for TOTAL customisation.

Advanced Archive Searching: Ability to search by any combination of username, Last X Hours, Start/End date, as well as keyword. Filter searches, sort by criteria etc.

Custom Commands: Lets you and your users create their own commands for use. For example, create pre-set warning comments – Staff member types /firstwarning, Text appears saying "This is your first warning for breaking the shoutbox rules. You can view these rules at [link] If you have a question about this warning, please PM myself. Thanks."

Complete Feature List
  • Shoutbox
    • Post Shouts
    • Edit / Delete Shouts
    • Shouts played using HTML5 <audio> tags
    • PM other users
      • PM tabs for convo between two users

    • View Active Users
      • Separate context-aware block that shows the people active in your specific tab.

  • Update text styles
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Font
    • Colour

  • Slash commands
    • Built-in commands in a drop-down list
    • /banlist for a list of all users banned from the shoutbox

  • Context menu for available actions
    • View Profile
    • Send PM

  • Create chat room
    • Invite / Manage users that can access this chat room
    • Inviting an user sends them a pop-up asking them to join the room.

  • Tabs
    • Highlights when you're not viewing them but they have new messages.
    • Chat Rooms get tabs added as you join them.

  • Logging
    • Default logging logs all administrative slash commands.

  • Archive
    • View list of all Shouts in the system
    • Top X Shouters
    • Shoutbox Statistics
    • Search Archive
      • Search by
        • Phrase

  • AdminCP
    • Instance Manager
      • Different instances on different pages

    • Chat Room Manager
      • Assign usergroups to chat rooms

    • Edit Settings
      • Which commands to log
      • Log level
      • Shouts to display
      • Shouts to display (Archive)
      • Shoutbox Height
      • Shout display order
      • Shoutbox Refresh Rate
      • Smilies on / off
      • PMs on / off
      • Allowed BBCode controls
      • Enabled Editor Tools
      • Maximum [SIZE]
      • Max characters per shout
      • Max images per shout
      • Archive "Top X Shouters" count
      • Active Users block on/off
      • Auto-Delete Shouts
      • Max chat rooms per user
      • Global sound switch
      • Play sounds while idle
      • Per-Usergroup display of moderator actions (like pruning shouts)
      • Ability to disable the "Chat Access" list
      • Alternating Shout Background Colours
      • Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
        • Every X Posts
        • Every X Threads

    • Show command log
    • Show banned users
    • Show shout log
    • Maintenance
      • Reset all style customisations

    • Ban / Silence management in Edit User

Shoutbox Sessions
  • Shoutbox activity is tracked separate from users' shouts
  • Only shows people who perform an action as active
  • "Active Indicator" on the toolbar shows whether the user is active in the SB or not
  • Doesn't flag users generating automatic notices as active

Anonym.To Integration
  • Ability to anonymise any URL entered in the Shoutbox per-instance with Anonym.to
  • Works with BBCode URLs
  • Displays regular URL while editing shouts

Disallow "ALL CAPS"
  • Ability to disallow all caps per-instance

New Slash Command: /resetshouts
  • Resets all users' "Lifetime Shouts" counter to how many shouts they currently have in the system
  • (Pro) /resetshouts user to reset an individual user's "Lifetime Shouts" counter
  • Great way to put spammers in their place

Context Menu Improvements
  • Dedicated context menu item for editing shouts (if user has permission to edit that shout)
  • Dedicated context menu item for deleting shouts (if user has permission to delete that shout)
  • JavaScript performance for menu closure operations has been improved

"Invisibility" Toggle
  • Click the activity status icon to toggle invisibility
  • Hides the user from all activity displays in the entire instance
  • Great for surprising friends with shouts out of the blue!

  • Shoutbox Options
    • Integration with UserCP
      • General Shoutbox Settings
        • Enable / Disable PMs
        • Enable / Disable Notifications
        • Enable / Disable System Messages
        • Override shout styles
        • Sounds on/off
          • Shout
          • Invite
          • PM

        • Hide alternating shoutbox background colours
        • Hide user avatars

      • Display Settings
        • Hide/Display individual Editor settings (Font, text colour etc)
        • Control shout area location

  • Filter archive shouts by chatroom
  • Search Archive
    • Search by
      • Username
      • Last X Hours
      • Start Date
      • End Date

    • Sort order for search results
    • Shouts per page

  • Filter archive shouts
  • Archive "Top X Shouters" count
  • Context Menu Options
  • Moderation actions
    • Add / Update Sticky Note
    • Ban / Unban users
    • Ignore / unignore users
    • Prune user's shouts

  • Slash commands
    • /silencelist for a list of all users silenced in the shoutbox

  • Separate tab for Notifications
    • Lets you hide them from the main view but still have them accessible.

  • Separate tab for System Messages
    • Lets you hide them from main view but still have them accessible.

  • Detach shoutbox
    • Shows a dedicated shoutbox browser window.

  • Custom Commands
    • Add / Edit custom commands

  • Ignore List
    • Add / Remove users

  • High-level logging logs everything
  • Separate Sticky notices per instance
  • Separate usergroup permissions per instance
  • Assign chat room to any / all instance(s)
  • Shoutbox Refresh Rate
    • While idle

  • PMs on / off
  • Play sounds while idle
  • Ban / Silence management in Edit User
  • Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
    • Every X Shouts

  • Adjust time stamp format
  • Per-Usergroup "Can PM" permission
  • Global Custom Commands
    • Create custom commands that anyone can use via the AdminCP
    • Prevents users from creating commands with the same shortcut
    • Great for "canned responses"

  • Maintenance
    • Reset all style customisations

  • Per-User Shoutbox Toggle
    • New UserCP option to turn off the entire shoutbox
    • Hides it completely from all pages
  • Per-Instance Activity Triggers
    • Choose what actions trigger new activity
      • Create Chat
      • Delete Shout
      • Fetch Sticky
      • Join Chat
      • Leave Chat
      • User Lookup
      • Save Sound Settings
      • Save Shout Styles
      • User Management
      • Chat Tab Switching
      • Un-idling
      • Toggle "Invisible Mode"

Missing Major Lite Features

Shoutbox Report System: Members can now report offensive shouts by using the shout context menu. When a report has been submitted, those with the "Can Moderate Chat" permission will see how many reports need their attention via a new chat tab in the Shoutbox.

Missing Professional Only benefits:

Extra User Chat Room Moderation: Shows a page displaying every use-created chat room, who made it, how many active members/total members it has etc, and options to close it etc.

Complete Missing Feature List

  • Shoutbox Options
    • Integration with UserCP
      • Tab Reordering
        • Re-order chat tabs

  • Create threads from archive shouts
  • Edit/Delete shouts in archive
DragonByte's XenForo modifications include a single-line merged copyright footer which contains:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies XenForo store category
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to a Details page listing the modifications this site has installed
  • v7.2.0 - 7th March 2017, 00:46
    Change: Improved the way the Branding Free system works, no longer requires a separate key
  • v7.1.2 - 17th January 2017, 01:48
    Change: The Editor now uses Style Properties for its main CSS
  • v7.1.1 - 2nd January 2017, 22:26
    Fix: The Shoutbox tabs could add themselves to the smilie bar as well in certain circumstances
    Fix: The "Shout Target" functionality did not work as intended
    Fix: In certain scenarios, attempting to edit other people’s shouts would return an incorrect error message
  • v7.1.0 - 6th December 2016, 01:03
    Change: Converted a lot of the Shoutbox CSS to Style Properties
  • v7.0.8 - 29th August 2016, 22:52
    Change: Added caching for templates that are loaded via template hooks
  • v7.0.7 - 2nd August 2016, 00:29
    Fix: Fixed an issue where saving a chat room in the AdminCP would create a server error
  • v7.0.6 - 18th July 2016, 23:52
    Changed Features:
    • Updated the Notify JS code used in the Desktop Notifications

    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where an "undefined index" error could be shown in the Server Error Log
  • v7.0.5 - 7th June 2016, 00:04
    Bug Fixes:
    • Bugfix rollup from the past two weeks
    • Various framework fixes
  • v7.0.4 - 23rd May 2016, 22:27
    New Features:

    Live Titles
    • Live Title support for Instances, Chat Rooms, Buttons, Global Commands

    Changed Features:
    • The AdminCP navigation would not display the correct breadcrumb
  • v7.0.3 - 16th May 2016, 23:48
    New Features:

    AdminCP Menu
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation

    Instance Management
    • (Pro) Time Format (Old) - separate time format for shouts from the previous day

    Changed Features:
    • The mod's options are now tabbed for easier browsing
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation
  • v7.0.2 - 10th May 2016, 00:31
    Changed Features:
    • The naming convention for the AdminCP menu has been standardised to match the rest of DragonByte's XenForo products
    • The "Notifications" AdminCP menu entry has been renamed to clarify the fact that it refers to threads / posts
    • A few internal file/folder structures have changed to conform to XenForo's folder structures
    • Changed the internal structure a bit to reduce code duplication

    Bug Fixes:
    • Workaround for Tapatalk's non-standard initialisation of XenForo
    • Workaround for broken Template Modification in a 3rd party product preventing this mod's ACP menu from showing
  • v7.0.1 - 26th April 2016, 00:17
    Changed Features:
    • Error messages that do not come from Overlays will now no longer change the AdminCP tab
    • AdminCP lists now use a smaller font size for a more compact look
    • Actions like "Repair Cache" that previously would redirect without any indication something had happened will now display a message on top of the page it lands on

    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios it was possible for user group permission checking to not work as expected
  • 7.0.0 Gold - 11th April 2016, 22:26
    New Features:

    (Pro) Chatroom Auto-Join Toggle
    • Admin created chatrooms have a toggle for whether they are automatically joinable
    • Chatrooms that are not auto-join appear in a new tab
    • Can be joined and left by permitted users similar to user-created chatrooms

    Changed Features:
    • The Shoutbox no longer displays when the forum is closed

    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue with the Detach functionality that could lead to a server error has been corrected
    • A display issue with the "Above Footer" display has been corrected
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 9 - 4th April 2016, 23:08
    New Features:

    Upgrade Lock
    • Event listeners will no longer run when there's a pending upgrade
    • A notice is displayed in the front-end when there's a pending upgrade

    Changed Features:
    • Browser autocomplete has been disabled in the shout input area
    • Changed the installer file structure

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a server error while fetching the AOP file, potentially causing the shoutbox to be stuck "Loading"
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 8 - 22nd March 2016, 01:57
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where creating a chatroom using the "Create Chat" popup would produce an incorrect chat room title
    • Multiple other issues regarding chatroom creation and chatroom invitation have been resolved
    • If you had no displayed tabs, a server error could be produced
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 7 - 15th March 2016, 01:30
    New Features:
    • Added compatibility with an upcoming "Integration" product designed to create a dedicated AdminCP tab for all DragonByte Tech XenForo products

    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios it was possible for guests to generate logged errors
    • Fixed visual issues with the AdminCP breadcrumbs
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 6 - 1st March 2016, 01:38
    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain cases, a "Cannot redeclare class XFCP_<>" error could be displayed
    • Saving Shoutbox Settings would produce a PHP error
    • The Lite version would sometimes display a PHP error in certain scenarios
    • In certain scenarios it was possible for the $ symbol to be replaced by the xf_ table prefix
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 5 - 17th February 2016, 22:45
    Changed Features:
    • Input boxes in the main lists in the AdminCP will now use the correct CSS

    Bug Fixes:
    • Certain phrases were missing when used with certain AdminCP pages
    • A server error would be generated upon attempting to manage the Profile options
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 4 - 9th February 2016, 02:31
    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios, it was possible for a database error to occur even with completely valid input
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 3 - 1st February 2016, 22:52
    New Features:

    Developer Friendly
    • Full XFCP support for every Action page
    • Full XFCP support for every DataManager action
    • Full XFCP support for every Shoutbox API call

    Changes to Existing Features:

    • Various back-end changes to bring the framework in line with DragonByte Shop

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the shout auto-scroll when using Oldest First
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 2 - 19th January 2016, 02:26
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an incompatibility issue with Tapatalk
    • Fixed an issue with the shout auto-scroll when using Oldest First
  • 7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 - 12th January 2016, 06:08
    New Features:

    Desktop Notifications
    • Shoutbox PMs received can now be displayed as desktop notifications!
    • Works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari
    • Can be toggled by the user

    Markup Username
    • Banned Users list (Command: /banlist) now uses markup username
    • (Pro) Silenced Users list (Command: /silencelist) now uses markup username

    Bug Fixes:
    • Manual deployment would not work correctly in certain scenarios
    • Deploying multiple copies of the same shoutbox instance on the same page will now work as intended
  • 7.0.0 Beta 10 - 1st December 2015, 02:05
    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios, it would be possible for some server errors to be displayed
    • Using the "manual deployment" feature would not work in some scenarios
  • 7.0.0 Beta 9 - 24th November 2015, 00:18
    Changes To Existing Features:
    • Reduced MySQL query consumption by reworking the Cache class
    • Reduced MySQL query consumption by pre-caching modification templates

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where the mod would not work as intended when invoked via the deferred (cron) script
    • Fixed an issue where instance permissions would not save as intended in certain scenarios
    • Fixed a database error when saving new instances
  • 7.0.0 Beta 8 - 10th November 2015, 01:20
    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios, a tab with the name "undefined" could be created
  • 7.0.0 Beta 7 - 3rd November 2015, 01:21
    New/Restored Features:
    • The Shoutbox will no longer hide itself on mobile devices (Responsive Design)

    Bug Fixes:
    • (Lite) Fixed a potential server error being logged when saving an instance
  • 7.0.0 Beta 6 - 27th October 2015, 00:20
    New/Restored Features:
    • Administrators now need the "Manage DragonByte Shout" admin permission to access the Shout areas
    • (Pro) You can now insert smilies in the Shoutbox via a button that opens a smilie area similar to the one found in the Redactor editor

    Changes To Existing Features:
    • Refactored the file & directory structure in order to conform more to XenForo's structure & improve performance

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrectly configured Board URL would strip the CSS from the admin areas
    • Fixed a potential server error being logged if you add a new forum without saving the "Notifications" page
  • 7.0.0 Beta 5 - 20th October 2015, 01:00
    New/Restored Features:
    • (Pro) The Custom Command list can now be managed via the UserCP

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where instances would not correctly load the default options for options that had not been set
    • Fixed an issue with the AdminCP error function
    • Fixed an issue with the AdminCP redirect function
  • 7.0.0 Beta 4 - 12th October 2015, 23:26
    New/Restored Features:
    • The AdminCP now uses AJAX for saving form entries
    • (Pro) Shout Area Location, Shoutbox Size and Shoutbox Size (Detached) can now be customised in the UserCP
    • (Pro) The ignore list can now be managed via the UserCP, using the same template style as the built-in forum ignore system
    • (Pro) A quick link to the UserCP settings has been added to the shoutbox title menu

    Changes to Existing Features:
    • Links are now constructed with a new route prefix rather than via the vbshout.php file - /admincp/vbshout.php and /vbshout.php is now defunct and no longer in use
    • (Pro) UserCP settings are now saved via AJAX, similar to native xF settings

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where the display order could not be changed on the main Instance list screen
    • The Command Log will no longer show missing phrases
    • The Command Log can now browse to page 2 onwards as intended
  • 7.0.0 Beta 3 - 5th October 2015, 23:49
    New/Restored Features:
    • The shoutbox has undergone a major facelift! Be sure to check out the new design.
    • The JavaScript has been significantly refactored to support the new design
    • Mentions are now supported in shouts and will bring up the member card
    • Member Cards are now used for usernames in the Active Users sideblock
    • Member Cards are now used for usernames in the Active Users tab
    • Custom member cards are now used for usernames in the main shout area, in lieu of the old menu system
    • (Lite) Shout Area can now be placed above or below the shoutbox.
    • (Pro) "Reset Shout Styles" Maintenance action
    • (Pro) Avatars are now supported in the Active Users block
    • (Pro) General Settings and Editor Settings can now be customised via the UserCP

    Changes to Existing Features:
    • Removed the "Left" and "Right" shout area options
    • Significantly reduced the amount of templates used by the Shoutbox

    Bug Fixes:
    • The "Send Private Message" phrase has been located and brought back into the fold
    • In certain scenarios, new shouts would not show up as intended
    • (Pro) The "New Reply" shout would have an incorrect notification tag in the "Deep Log" table
    • (Lite) The default font size would display incorrectly
  • 7.0.0 Beta 2 - 28th September 2015, 23:31
    New/Restored Features:
    • Display shoutbox statistics: Total Shouts Posted / Last 24 Hours / Your Shouts / Your Shouts (Lifetime)
    • Display Top X Shouters
    • Display Top X Shouters (Lifetime)
    • Search Archive for partial shout
    • AdminCP navigation now has a quick link to the global settings for this mod
    • You can now edit the active status of an instance on the main "Instance Management" page
    • You can now edit the active status of a chatroom on the main "Chatroom Management" page
    • (Pro) The "Custom Buttons" feature has been implemented! You can now add custom buttons to the shoutbox which can be used to link to your rules, important threads, or other sites entirely.
    • (Pro) You can now edit the "Use Input" status of a command on the main "Manage Global Commands" page
    • (Pro) Search Archive for partial username
    • (Pro) Search Archive for shouts in the last X hours
    • (Pro) Filter Archive display by shout type
    • (Pro) Filter Archive display by Start Date
    • (Pro) Filter Archive display by End Date
    • (Pro) Change Archive display order (Newest First / Oldest First)
    • (Pro) Change Archive display "per page"

    Changes to Existing Features:
    • AdminCP navigation is now loaded under Applications
    • Cleaned up the UI for table views in the AdminCP

    Bug Fixes:
    • The global "Active" switch can now be overridden by the Shoutbox Manager setting as intended.
    • New Thread / New Reply notifications will now work as intended
    • An issue in which new shouts could fail to be added has been corrected
    • The "Command Log" results would not display as intended
    • The Archive pagination will now work as intended if the Friendly URLs are enabled
    • Guests can now view the shoutbox as intended (with appropriate permissions)
    • Creating a chat room in the AdminCP with no usergroups ticked would render this chatroom permanently invisible
    • (Pro) The "Shout Log" would not work as intended
    • (Pro) Having a silenced user would not display any shouts due to an error with the xf_user subquery
  • 7.0.0 Beta 1 - 22nd September 2015, 01:17
    Initial release

At a glance

Supports: XenForo 1.5.3+

Requirements: PHP 5.6+

Version: v7.2.0
Release date: 6th March 2017

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