DragonByte Forum Tabs

Gives a tabbed display of forum categories. Great for large forums.

DragonByte Forum Tabs allows for forums to arrange their content into tabs and categories that are displayed to the user.

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Organizing the forums on the forum home into Tabs and those Tabs into Categories allows administrators to organize their content and reduce the length of the forum list. With AJAX powered Tabs as well as one click Favouriting of forums to add to a user's personal Favourites Tab, DFT makes navigating the forum home a more pleasant and customizable experience for users and admins alike.

Category Tabs can also have different styling allowing for very different looking sections to your forum home page. Tabs are remembered when coming back to the forum home page.

Installation is simple and includes no template edits.
Major Features

AJAX Powered Tabs: Dynamically loaded AJAX Powered Tabs each with a customizable list of forums, including setting Tabs to being global and visible on all Category Tabs.

Stylized Category Tabs: Each Category Tab organizes the AJAX Powered Tabs and can have individual styles attributed to them.

Personal Favourite Tab: Each user can manage and organize their own Favourites Tab to contain just the forums they want to see.

Complete Feature List

  • Customizable Tabs and Category Tabs
  • Per Category Style
  • Usergroup controlled permissions for each Category and Tab
  • Option to sticky Tabs and Categories to prioritise them in display
  • Set default tab per Category to override global defaults
  • StyleVars for customizing the Tabs and Categories
  • Can choose between image, text or both image and text tab display

vBulletin Options
  • Set how many columns hidden/unstickied Category Tabs are displayed in
  • Set how many columns subforums are displayed in on the forum home
  • Enable or Disable the 'More' tab that contains hidden/unstickied Category Tabs
  • Tab Idle Timer setting
  • Global Default Tab setting
  • Option to display notifications to users or not
  • Set Default Usergroups when creating new Tabs and Category Tabs
  • Disable the display of the Category Tabs

Forum Home
  • Tabs load using AJAX
  • Category Tabs can use different styles
  • Tabs and Category Tabs can use an image only, text only or both text and images
  • Favourite Tab
  • Add forums to Favourites tab by one click on Forum Home and Forum Display pages
  • Add forums via User Control Panel
  • Drop down menu to add favourite forums in Forum Display pages
  • Unstickied/hidden Category Tabs toggled by 'More' button
  • Dimissable notifications for users who have not set a favourite forum or a default ta
  • Subforums organized into customizable columns.

  • Optional default or forced forums for Favourites tab
  • Choose which instance of vBShout to display for that tab, if any (requires vBShout)

vBulletin Notices
  • Set whether a notice will appear above the forums list for a particular tab

Forum Manager
  • Automatically add a forum to the Favourites list for all users

vBulletin Options
  • Tab Refresh Timer setting
  • Option to display Unread Threads Counters on Tabs
  • Tab Refresh flood check to prevent excessive tab reload

Forum Home
  • Tabs automatically refresh
  • Tabs automatically idle
  • Tabs automatically unidle
  • Remove all favourites options in drop down menu on Forum Home and Forum Display pages
  • Add and Remove all subforums from favourites list
  • Set default tab to load in the User Control Panel
  • Integration with vBulletin's default Notices system so that notices will appear above the forums only when set to
  • Unread Thread count can be placed within the Tabs
  • vBShout integration above forums per tab (requires vBShout)
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  • 1.0.10 - 18th April 2016, 23:00
    Change: Improved jQuery and JavaScript loading to improved loading times - thanks to @Belazor for the improvement
  • v1.0.9 - 1st January 1970, 01:00
    Fixed: Datastore no longer stores favourites
    Fixed: Fixed other misc Datastore inconsistencies

    Changed the following files:

    Added the following files:
  • v1.0.8 - 26th April 2013, 22:36
    Feature: New Option to choose type of AJAX load.
    Fixed: VaultWiki incompatibilities.
    Fixed: Compatibility issues with some mods.

    Changed the following files:
  • v1.0.7 - 29th March 2013, 23:00
    Feature: Added StyleVar to help control the right to left languages.
    Fixed: Adjusted Style to now use default StyleVars for borders and backgrounds in some areas of the tab display.
    Fixed: Unchecking all usergroups for a tab now makes it visible to all usergroups.
    Fixed: Tidied up redundant CSS code.
    Fixed: Fixed Right-to-Left language directional issues.
    Change: Updated to include new Branding Free changes.
    Changed the following files:
  • v1.0.6 - 20th January 2013, 09:41
    Features: Alternative position for the Add/Remove Favourites images on the forum bits.
    Fixed: Uncached Template on Forumdisplay
    Fixed: Clarified description of a couple of phrases

    Changed the following files:

    Changed the following phrases:

    Added the following phrases:
  • v1.0.5 - 24th October 2012, 06:51
    Fixed: A bug where in some instances the Favourites threw out a database error.
  • v1.0.4 - 5th October 2012, 22:39
    Feature: Can set in the Admin Control Panel the default setting for 'Add Forum Automatically to User's Favourites' on adding new forums.
    Feature: Can set notices to appear when viewing a category.
    Fixed: Stuck on tab when viewing forum in a mobile style.
    Fixed: Several issues with notices displaying incorrectly.
  • v1.0.3 - 20th September 2012, 15:18
    Feature: Unable to deactivate either the 'Forum' Category Tab or the 'All' AJAX Tab.
    Fixed: Template that wasn't cached.
    Fixed: Unstickied Category Tab showing next to the 'More' Tab when the Selected Category.
    Fixed: Non-Global Tabs not showing up under their parent Category Tab.
    Fixed: No Favourites and No Default Tab notices not dismissing correctly.
    Fixed: Issue where on all Category Tabs and AJAX Tabs being deactivated would cause a PHP error.
    Fixed: Cookie setting error.
    Fixed: A conditional that conflicts with the fix for non-Global Tabs above.
  • v1.0.2 - 15th September 2012, 00:24
    Feature: Subforums can be added or removed via a button on the Forum Home page.
    Feature: When adding or editing a forum in the AdminCP you can now add the forum automatically to a users favourites list on their next visit to the site.
    Feature: Standard vBulletin notices can now be assigned only to appear on a tab and will then appear only below the tabs.
    Feature: Option to not display the Category Tabs.
    Feature: Tab clicking flood check
    Feature: vBShout integration with Category Tabs.
    Feature: vBulletin notices can be displayed tabs and are loaded with the AJAX refresh.
    Fixed: Wrong bburl variable in several templates.
    Fixed: Issue with margin in Opera.
    Fixed: Issue where reload image wouldn't move to the currently selected tab.
    Fixed: An issue where on uninstall two fields would be missed from the user table.
    Fixed: A slight delay on the unidle refreshing.
    Fixed: Vertical alignment issue in some styles for subforums on the Forum Home.
    Fixed: When Forum Tabs is disabled via it's Settings (Enable DragonByte Forum Tabs) it correctly disables the tabs display.
    Improvement: Decreased loading time and resources of AJAX loading of tabs (Thanks to @Belazor).
  • v1.0.1 - 24th August 2012, 22:38
    Feature: Optional setting to make Cookies permanent or not.
    Feature: Remove All Favourites options added to Forum Home, Forumdisplay and User CP menus.
    Feature: Add forum and it's subforums in one click.
    Feature: Remove forum and it's subforums in one click.
    Feature: StyleVars to control the hover opacity of tab images.
    Fix: Fixed inability to Favourite on User CP Settings page.
    Fix: Update box now appears on the Forumdisplay and User CP pages.
    Fix: Fixed the favourites not listing correctly when loading a tab via AJAX.
    Fix: Fixed unidling link not working correctly.
    Change: Removed unused plugins and files.
    Change: Corrected incorrectly labelled phrases.
    Change: Renamed Cookies.
    Change: Readded heading text 'Sub-Forums' when subforums are displayed.

At a glance

Supports: vBulletin 4.x.x

Version: v1.0.10
Release date: 18th April 2016

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