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DragonByte Social Groups 1.3.0

Change log

Feature: Add WebP support for group banners (Requires DragonByte WebP v1.0.0+ installed)
Feature: Add WebP support for group icons (Requires DragonByte WebP v1.0.0+ installed)
Feature: Add group name to alert phrases (#165)
Change: Replace xfmg_media with nav.xfmg where appropriate (#173)
Change: Refactored backend code
Change: Bump minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.2
Fix: "Approve / reject members" supervisor permission did not work as intended (#174)
Fix: Supervisors with "Approve/Reject Members" permission could be unable to perform those duties (#174)
Fix: Fix canVote check for polls to use the correct group flag (#172)
Fix: Fix not all media showing on the dbtech-social/media route in certain circumstances (#171)
Fix: Fix server error on import
Fix: Attempt to fix a duplicate key exception while using database replication (#170)
Fix: Fix PHP 8.4 compatibility issue

Release notes

!!!This version requires PHP 7.4+!!!

This version adds numerous quality-of-life updates, please see the changelog for a complete list.

Several bugs have also been resolved.

This version also refactors some backend code and fixes a compatibility issue with PHP 8.4.