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DragonByte Social Groups 1.2.5

Change log

Feature: Invite-only group warning to group administrators (#161)
Feature: Group Member Log (#147)
Change: Add group name to group wrapper description (#166)
Change: Group icons/banners now have a hashed filename (#167)
Change: Group invitations are now removed when a user is placed on ignore (#163)
Change: Banning a non-member from a group no longer alerts the user being banned (#162)
Change: You can no longer invite users who are ignoring you (#163)
Change: Validate all group invites before actually submitting any group invites
Change: Add strike-through for soft-deleted groups in the AdminCP "confirm delete" dialog (#157)
Fix: The GROUP BBCode did not work for normal users, only moderators (#169)
Fix: Fix potential server errors when uploading invalid icons or banners (#164)
Fix: Media Items / Albums / Album Comments would not be marked as viewed (#160)
Fix: Fix missing bookmark templates (#159)
Fix: A server error could occur if the Message or Group Comment Reply did not have a valid IP address
Fix: Potentially fix duplicate key exception (#158)
Fix: Fix pagination on the Banned and Invite pages (#156)

Release notes

This version, named 1.2.5 due to the size of the changelog, mostly focuses on bug fixes and UX improvements.

It does contain one notable new feature, however; Group Member Log. Supervisors and group owners can now view a log of events, such as users joining/leaving/banned/unbanned, etc. Please note the log will only start accumulating events after upgrading, there are no historical records to view.

Please refer to the full changelog for a list of changes and bug fixes.