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DragonByte Shop 6.2.0

Change log

Feature: Filter bar for Inventory pages
Feature: "Item type" filter for Overview and Category pages
Feature: Add display order as a valid sort option for item list
Feature: Filter on the Purchase page now searches all pages
Feature: Thread Highlight / Thread Title Style items can now be restricted from applying in certain forums
Feature: Free-form CSS support for the following item types: Post Background (Pre-Defined), Postbit Highlight (Pre-Defined), Post Style (Pre-Defined), Thread Highlight (Pre-Defined), Thread Title Style (Pre-Defined), Username Style (Pre-Defined), User Title Style (Pre-Defined)
Feature: "View your tickets" link on the lottery overview page
Feature: Front-end transaction log
Change: Reworked the installer to make it more manageable going forward
Change: Points columns are now stored with a hard cap of 8 decimals
Fix: Fixed an issue where certain transaction log entries would not display the item in the transaction log
Fix: Fix updating currency amount when the amount in question is a decimal number
Fix: Hidden items would not correctly take effect in certain scenarios
Fix: Fix username style and user title style reactivation when the Active setting is toggled

Release notes

This version introduces too many features to highlight individually - see the change log for the full list.
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