DragonByte Shop 6.1.2

Change log

Change: The default icon is now better aligned when showing bigger icons
Change: Apply a bit more permission caching
Fix: Fixed performance issues on certain low-power servers
Fix: When moving an item to a different category in the AdminCP, the list of available prefixes did not update

Release notes

This version aims to improve the performance on certain low-power servers, or servers with limited resources.

In previous versions, every time the forum interacted with a user's obtained items, such as displaying user names (for coloured user names) or permissions etc, certain files were being loaded from disk repeatedly, bypassing caches.

This was originally implemented because too aggressive a cache could result in users seeing other users' items when they went to view the configuration for their own items. However, this had the unfortunate downside of causing a rather significant slow-down if the server in question was running on a slow hard drive, or if it did not properly cache the actual physical files.

After some live testing, a happy middle-ground has been found, and performance on such servers should be greatly improved. It is unlikely you'll see major gains if your server was already running the Shop mod smoothly, but any optimisation is good optimisation!
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