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DragonByte Shop 6.1.0rc2

Change log

Change: It is no longer possible to steal currency when the user has 0 or a negative balance of that query, if the "Penalty for unsuccessful theft" setting is greater than 0.
Fix: In certain scenarios, users' currency amounts could decrease when they should increase, such as when withdrawing from the bank
Fix: Lottery history would not allow you to browse to page 2 onwards
Fix: Sellback will now use the correct currency
Fix: Non-recurring lotteries will now correctly be drawn
Fix: Fix an issue where the Per Thread and Per Post settings would not save

Release notes

Welcome to the second Release Candidate version of DragonByte Shop v6.1.0 🎉

Version 6.1.0 represents a complete re-write of the product, making it more deeply integrated with XenForo 2.1, improving performance, and making bugfixes easier.

The Release Candidate label means that unless major bugs appear, the next version will be the Gold version.

Before we delve into the changes, let's get some things out of the way:
  • This version requires XenForo 2.1.0. It will not install on XenForo 2.0.x.

  • The "User shops" feature and surrounding item management in the front-end has been permanently removed from the add-on and will not be making a return.

  • If you are still running DragonByte Credits v5.0.x, you need to disable both DragonByte Credits and DragonByte Shop before upgrading both of them to the latest versions. Not doing so will cause your site to crash until you edit the config file to disable addons from running.

  • It is recommended you upgrade both this and DragonByte Credits via the new "Install from archive" feature in XenForo 2.1.0.

  • Please see this post: #213 for further upgrade notes.
With that out of the way, on to the changes!

This version contains mostly just bug fixes as reported by the community.

A notable change was made to the Steal feature; it is now no longer possible to attempt to steal currency if the "Unsuccessful theft penalty" option is enabled and the user does not have any currency to lose.

This means that users cannot simply bank all of their currency and go on a stealing spree until they're successful, then repeat the process ad infinitum.