DragonByte Shop 6.1.0b3

Change log

Feature: New setting for controlling item icon dimensions
Feature: Add "items sold" and "stock" to the item overview sidebar
Feature: New option for hiding an item from the shop list
Change: Only valid users are displayed in the Richest User widget
Change: Rework username style and user title style to use CSS instead of inline styles
Fix: Fixed missing phrase
Fix: Fix thread title showing the raw style value rather than the actual stylised title
Fix: Make sure the canPurchase check takes stock into account
Fix: Validate stock when adding items to cart & when completing a purchase

Release notes

Welcome to the third Beta version of DragonByte Shop v6.1.0 🎉

Version 6.1.0 represents a complete re-write of the product, making it more deeply integrated with XenForo 2.1, improving performance, and making bugfixes easier.

The Beta label means all missing / planned functionality has now been added, and the system is now ready for more wide-scale testing.

Before we delve into the changes, let's get some things out of the way:
  • This version requires XenForo 2.1.0. It will not install on XenForo 2.0.x.

  • The "User shops" feature and surrounding item management in the front-end has been permanently removed from the add-on and will not be making a return.

  • If you are still running DragonByte Credits v5.0.x, you need to disable both DragonByte Credits and DragonByte Shop before upgrading both of them to the latest versions. Not doing so will cause your site to crash until you edit the config file to disable addons from running.

  • It is recommended you upgrade both this and DragonByte Credits via the new "Install from archive" feature in XenForo 2.1.0.

  • Please see this post: #213 for further upgrade notes.
With that out of the way, on to the changes!

This version brings a new feature that allows you to have better control over the item icon dimensions. Rather than being forced to use a certain (hidden) size, you can now set the target width x height in the settings for this mod.

There is also a new per-item toggle that will hide an item from the item list - useful if you want something visible in the inventory and postbit, but not in the main list of items.

The last major change is in the way user name styles and user title styles are rendered. Previously, the CSS for the user name would be generated and rendered in-line whenever a user name with markup is rendered. Now, the CSS for each purchase is pre-compiled and loaded into a CSS template, meaning it can be cached by the browser.

Speaking of CSS changes, the thread title style item will now actually stylise the thread title, instead of becoming the thread title 😅

The "Richest User" widget will now only display users that have a user state of "valid" and is not banned.

When purchasing an item, if purchasing is unavailable for whatever reason, more information should now be available to the user to ascertain why. The system will only fall back to the standard "You can't purchase this item." if no other error message is available.

Lastly on the list of noteworthy changes; the available stock is now both visible on the item overview page, and is also taken into consideration when deciding whether an item can be purchased.
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