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DragonByte Security 4.7.0

Change log

Feature: Improved session information display, now parses browser and OS
Feature: Optionally exclude TFA-enabled users from batch update actions
Change: Refactored backend code
Change: Bump minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.2
Change: Update dependencies to the latest version(s)
Fix: User agent is now updated for login sessions
Fix: Bad Behavior would run on PHP versions newer than it supports
Fix: Fix PHP 8.2 compatibility issues
Fix: Fix PHP 8.4 compatibility issue

Release notes

!!!This version requires PHP 7.4+!!!

This version improves the display shown to users when reviewing their login sessions, as the user agent is now parsed to display more human-readable information such as browser/version and operating system.

There is also new options to exclude users with Two-Factor Authentication enabled when performing batch user update actions from DB Security.

This version also refactors some backend code and fixes a compatibility issue with PHP 8.2 / 8.4.